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Is The Offer Of ‘Free Places’ At A Private School All It Seems?

Private schools are offering up to 10,000 ‘free places’ at their schools. They will do that if they are able to suck the £5,550 per place out of the tax funded educational system to the total of £55.5 million. The … Continue reading

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How Could Anybody Possibly Suggest Dodgy-Dave Thinks He Is Better Than All Of Us?

Well he does whether you like it or not. How is your mobile phone signal? Do you have to hang out of the window or walk down to the end of the garden to make a call? Around here in … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Speakers – Australia & UK

Ever heard of Bronwyn Bishop? She was working as the Speaker in the Australian Parliament. You could think of her as the Australian equivalent to our John Bercow. Now poor Bronwyn went and got herself caught up in an expenses scandal. … Continue reading

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The Final Ultimate Act Of Hypocrisy

So the Wicked Witch of Privatisation actually leaves it to the State and its Tax-Payers to cough-up the cash to bury her. Too tight to pay into some sort of a 50+ Plan she leaves the cost of it all* … Continue reading

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