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Rush To The Ballot Box By May Looks To Cost Those Of Us Who Pay Tax £143 Million!

Remember that this wasn’t supposed to be happening until 2020 but May-Day knew the Brexit Shit-Storm would be upon us by then and panicked. The phrase, “Run For The Hills” springs to mind. It is expected to cost at least … Continue reading

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Sam-Cam Leaves Us A Little Confused Here At TheField

Not so long ago Sam-Cam needed the help of a ‘special adviser’ in order to put her knickers on of a morning. The one and only Isabel Spearman, no, we’ve no idea who she is either, was being paid a … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Speech Uncut

We track down the scene that ended up on the cutting-room floor – Merry Christmas Everyone!! LINK

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MPs Spend £250,000 On Paintings Of Themselves

Someone decided that the taxpayer ought to fork-out £11,750 on this painting of Diane Abbott.  I D Smith had £10k spent on one of him, William Vague cost us £4k and Ken Clarke came in at £8k. Dennis Skinner and … Continue reading

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MPs Say £250K Spent On Their Private Gym Is “Money Well Spent”

LINK Are they just taking the piss to see how far they can go? Look at these two fat bastards – as if either will be seen in the £250K gym!!

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer – “Austerity! Austerity! Austerity!”

Gideon spoke to us and said, “Look how much I’ve found down here – £10 million!” Hard to believe but the MPs, who remember are not on ‘Holiday’ but ‘Working’ in their constituencies, can each claim £3,750 from the Taxpayer … Continue reading

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Greening Now Costs The Taxpayer Even More Money

The Government could face a further £40 million bill after four train companies launched legal action over its decision to cancel competition for the Great Western franchise. Ministers scrapped the bidding process for the contract to run inter-city services from London … Continue reading

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West Coast Main Line Farce Cost Us At Least £50 Million!

A “complete lack of common sense” in the Department for Transport’s handling of  the West Coast Main Line franchise deal will cost taxpayers “£50m at the very  least”, MPs have said. This was the utter cockup that Justine Greening lorded … Continue reading

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To The Manor Os-Borne: Gideon With A £450,000 Profit??

Link (We did nick the headline – too good not to. ff)

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MPs’ Should Lose Gold-Plated Pensions: About Time

Here are four thoughts to get your head around. The Independent  Parliamentary Standards Authority will launch a consultation on whether MPs’  should have to wait until after 65 to claim their pension MPs’ could also be  forced to pay more … Continue reading

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