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Robots Could Replace 250,000 Public Sector Workers

Robots and computers could replace almost 250,000 public sector workers over the next 15 years, improving efficiency and saving billions of pounds, if they are allowed to according to Alexander Hitchcock. It is also believed that a further 90,000 NHS … Continue reading

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The Myth Of The Savings You Will Make With Your New Smart Meter

Every time a pointless politician comes on to defend the introduction of a smart meter all we hear is the one line – “it will help the consumer save money”. The usual utter tosh we have all come to expect. … Continue reading

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Looks Like Not Everybody Is Impressed With Apple Customer Care

A man walks into a shop, it’s an Apple shop. He takes out a metal ball and then smashes the faces of as many iPhones as he can lay his hands on. No, it’s not a joke – he really … Continue reading

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How Come Computing Isn’t Getting Any Cheaper?

That’s easy – we are being ripped-off. This isn’t an Apple verses Windows verses Android rant because they are all ripping us off. Some of us at TheField are very old. We were writing, yes writing, programs on grid paper … Continue reading

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Teenagers Far More Tech Savvy Than Grown-Ups: Yeah Right!!

We’ve heard some tosh today! Reports from journalists who, years ago, were the first to call computer users like us ‘Geeks’. They have been pretending they know what they are on about. The journalists know sod all and then imagine … Continue reading

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Cameron Celebrates Copying Labour Over Energy Rebates

We caught Off-Shore Cameron Out-On-The-Town last night as he celebrated handing back a whole £50 to energy users while, many people believe, the Big 6 have been ripping off the public with for years. Don’t get too excited though, this Vote-Sweetener … Continue reading

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The Three Energy Stooges – What Did We Learn Today?

Well we wouldn’t buy a second-hand car from the Three Stooges that’s for sure. The trouble is we are forced to buy energy from someone. What was even more worrying was how impotent the MPs on the committee were. It all seemed … Continue reading

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