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The Ashes Backlash Begins

We love it when a story comes together and this has some key elements for us. The BBC, a radio reporter, a newspaper reporter and defeat in The Ashes. With the cricket world in England reeling at defeat to the … Continue reading

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Is There Anyone Left Who Trusts The BBC NEWS?

We all know it’s been going for years but it seems to be coming to a head. The major Trust Signpost was their refusal to report on the NHS march. To make that worse the reporter who was there came out … Continue reading

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The BBC Announce A New Series Of ‘Strictly Come Baking’

Now if that idiot Grant Schapps was looking to reduce the cost of the TV Tax because of poor quality we would support him. If it was because the BBC only uses 17 people across every one of their programmes … Continue reading

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BBC Just Throws Away £98,400,00: Nobody Is Sacked?

The BBC has managed to wipe-off nearly £100 million and doesn’t appear to be that concerned! Like Governments, the BBC thought they could write the software for a new Digital Archive system. Why they thought this is anybody’s guess but … Continue reading

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Why Have The BBC Fixed It For Apple?

What are the BBC doing offering a Radio Player that only works with Apple? We all have to pay the BBC TV Tax but the BBC has decided to ignore the largest market share of mobile subscribers. Has a promotional … Continue reading

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