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In The Run Up To May 7th 2015 You Might Need To Get Used To This

This is the new logo of the Bullingdon Bully Boy Conservatism. The BBBC who will report anything that Crosby and Textor tell them so as they can keep their TV-Tax. Ordinarily they are ‘not allowed’ to advertise a product but when … Continue reading

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How Can Anybody Accuse The BBC Of Running Out Of Ideas? Easy!

Tonight it’s easy to see why the top executives at the BBC are paid the big bucks. Their imagination just takes them off into the outer stratosphere. When it comes to scheduling they really are the dogs bollox. What other station … Continue reading

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The Innovative BBC Announce ‘Strictly’ Series No. 174

Never ones to be accused of turning out the same old tripe over and over again the BBC have a new series of ‘Strictly Come Prancing’ this Saturday. It really warms our hearts here at The Field that the BBC, using Tax … Continue reading

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Bak Two Skool – Woo Sez TeVe Iz Runing Owt Ov Eyedears?

Now we are not suggesting that they only have one idea in their heads but here’s the line-up for this exciting week: Yes, you have seen that right. The BBC has THREE schools programmes going out for adults. Such imaginative … Continue reading

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TV Continues To Spin For The Tories Over State Education

Gollum Gove has clearly been in to see the Head Teacher, Lynton Crosby, and has demanded that the Tory Spin Doctors go Eye-Balls Out over State Education in preparation for the General Election. With the willing assistance of the TV, … Continue reading

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The Celebrity Big Brother Campaign At The Field

Please join us is our campaign against Celebrity Big Brother. We are going to watch the first few programmes but WITH THE MUTE ON! We are going to make a note of ALL THE ADVERTS THAT APPEAR in the ad breaks. … Continue reading

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We’ve Not Seen The News On The Telly Today………….

…..does anybody know what Stephen Fry has tweeted in the last 12 hours? It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the News Media that those who are interested in what Stephen Fry tweets are probably already ‘Following’ him.

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