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£35,000 For Ten Games Of Tennis? You Cannot Be Serious!!

Today saw players retire early in their first match yet they still picked-up £35,000 for turning-up. Martin Klizan lasted just 40 mins and Alexandr Dolgopolov extended that to 43 mins. Even our MPs would recognise that £35,000 for less than … Continue reading

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So Why WOULD You Want To Play Tennis With Cameron?

It can’t be to pick-up any tips! The bloke looks like he can barely remember which end of his bat to hold! He can probably duck-and-dive better than Boorish Johnson, which isn’t saying a lot. Obviously, if the opposition start … Continue reading

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Downing Street Snubbs Murray After Laughable Request

Now a cynic might suggest an alternative caption: “But I Only Play A Bit Of Tennis!” “You’re Scottish Dear Boy And THAT Means VOTES!!”

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So What Was The Olympic Tennis Legacy?

You may remember that GBR won the Olympic Gold medal so we thought we’d take a look, nearly a year on, to see what progress has been made. Not a lot then!  

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Local Tennis Clubs Adopt The “Wimbledon Offer”

As part of the Olympic/Murray legacy local Tennis Clubs have agreed to open their doors to anyone who would like to play tennis in the next month – FREE OF CHARGE! Worried about their elitist image with the public they … Continue reading

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Tennis Top Tip: Choose Appropriate Footwear For The Conditions

Stop moaning that you slipped, that you fell over or blaming the grass (for real?? ff) OF COURSE YOU DID WEARING FLAT SHOES – YOU NERD! Forget the sponsorship deal, because THAT is what it’s about, and put on footwear appropriate … Continue reading

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Tennis? Just How Much Effort Is It Really????

We can’t help but notice something about hitting a ball in sport. Golfers don’t half whack a ball! They can hit it over 300 yards – that’s a hell of a whack! Rugby kickers can score a penalty from inside their own … Continue reading

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Andy Murray Reveals His New Hair Style For 2013

This style could really catch on with his younger fans. He looks happy anyway.  Oh yes, nearly forgot, he won some cup, or some such thing, somewhere in the world. “Weeeee! Go Andy!”

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