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The Number Of Foodbanks Increases While Tesco Reveal Food Waste Of Nearly 119 Million Meals

That is a colossal 59,400 tonnes of food just going to waste. It represents food that is edible but has gone unsold for whatever reason. Now Dave Lewis, of Tesco, is looking to do more to redistribute their surplus edible … Continue reading

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Tesco To Use Face-Scanning Tech To Target Ads To Those Queueing

Tesco is installing face-scanning technology at its petrol stations to target advertisements to individual customers as they stand queueing at the till. Well somebody gave us an idea today – so up yours Tesco!

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Tesco Seem To Think This Is 1960

They advertised a blow-up doll in a pink shirt and imagined that it made it g*y. Why they thought it was g*y is anybody’s guess. Why they thought they had to print the word g*y is also quite staggering. The quality … Continue reading

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Tesco Entering 7″ Tablet Market With The £119 Hudl

There may be a small problem with the name though. Someone else is ‘Hudl’. Ooopps!

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Tesco Telling Porkies Yet Again: Chops Were NOT As Labelled

So the pork chops labelled as British probably came from Holland. This was despite the fact that the pork chops were in a pack that bore the Red Tractor logo which is a logo that is designed to tell you that a product can be traced back to a … Continue reading

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Chris Bryant Shocked By The Reaction Of His Local Tesco

Chris told us, “They simply refused to accept my discount vouchers on my loyalty card. A card, I hasten to add, that I have held for over SIX years!” A Tesco spokesman was available to tell us, “We have no comment at this … Continue reading

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Tesco Invest In Giraffe – ‘They’ve Got Some Neck On Them!’

Tesco has moved on from Horseburgers and have now bought up loads of Giraffe. A Tesco spokesperson told us, “We are trying to reach a new consumer. We realise this will be a stretch for our current suppliers but we … Continue reading

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A Shocking Report On Food In The UK From The Field!

The shock is that people have been buying really cheap processed food and have imagined they are buying meat of the highest quality. How stupid are these people? It really doesn’t take that long to prepare and cook a meal … Continue reading

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Horsemeat Burgers: All Seems Very Darwinian To Us

Who, in their right mind, would imagine you could really buy a box of 8 burgers for a £1 and that they would then turn-out to be of the highest quality? The packaging and transportation alone must cost more than … Continue reading

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Seems That 29% Of A Burger From Tesco Was Horse Meat

What the bloody hell was the rest of it made from????

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