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Brexit, May, The General Election And The Queen

Let me see if we’ve got this right. So May-Day calls a General Election because she is so arrogant that she thinks she will increase her majority and this will ‘strengthen’ her position in the Brexit talks. She actually manages … Continue reading

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Lizzie Windsor Reveals An Interesting Side To Her Character During Her Christmas Speech

Who would have thought it? Most of us would guess they would be members of her family but it seems she really is just like the rest of us!

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So Just How ‘Tight’ Were The Cabinet Being With The Queen?

We get to the bottom of the ‘gift’ Cameron and his hanger-ons gave The Queen earlier this week. We managed to find the catalogue in the dustbin at the back of No. 10, after a nice policeman let us in … Continue reading

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What A Tasteful Gift To Set Before The Queen

Nice one Cameron – ‘real’ classy! A set of 60 beer mats.

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The Queen Has Already Visited The Cabinet: Secret Recording

We have the secret tape of the meeting that actually took place today before the photo opportunity PR stunt that will happen later on Tuesday. “Oh come on Phil, it’s this way.” “Slow down Lizzie, can’t keep my pecker up … Continue reading

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