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Get Ready For Even MORE Fake News

Surprise, surprise. Sky and Fox have managed to reach an agreement on the terms for a takeover deal. Well, who would have thunk it? Rupert Murdouchie will pay (himself?) £11.7bn for the 61% of Sky he currently doesn’t already own. … Continue reading

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The Son Has To Apologise For A Nonsense Story About ‘6 Days From Turkey To Paris’

What a surprise, The Son (sic) printed a right load of cak and then blamed they were ‘misled’ by a freelance journalist. He’d claimed he’d travelled 2,000 miles from Turkey into the heart of Western Europe and evaded all security … Continue reading

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The Return Of Rebekah Brooks May Not Go Quite As Smoothly As Hoped

Well here is a little video that might open up a can of worms. Mark Hanna, a former soldier, was the director of security at News International at the time of the phone hacking trial. He was cleared along with … Continue reading

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Does This Mouthy Git Think That Makes Up For 23 Years Of Lying?

To pick-up on a tweet: He should now be refered to as – Kelvin MacKenzie the lying toad who is the former editor of the disgraced Sun newswrapper.

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Where Is This Mouthy Git Today?

Always ready to shoot his big fat gob off but we don’t seem to have heard from this tosser.

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