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So Just How Stupid Are Our Footballers?

So first we get the case of the injured player. He lies down on the floor holding his leg. Oh the pain. Will he ever be able to play again? Somehow he manages to get to his feet and wander, … Continue reading

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What Does Hunt Say When The Headlines Scream “A&E Waiting Worst For A Decade”

Well it would appear you wear that dumb, staring without seeing look, tuft your hair up like Tin-Tin and tell everyone “how very concerned” you are. The trouble for Jeremy Isa Hunt is that this is all wearing very, very … Continue reading

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“And The Time Is” Is Costing The Taxpayer £40,000

We just couldn’t make stuff like this up! £40,000 for the MOD to find out what the ####ing time is!!! This is despite a ban on staff calling it. Has nobody got a ####ing watch??? So there must have been … Continue reading

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Tories Make Time Stand Still

All part of the Nasty Party process of turning this country back to 1980. Heaven Help Us All!!

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