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So What Is Gareth Bale REALLY Worth?

We decided to take a look at the recent obscene sale of a human for £85.3M. Having got over the fact that a person is prepared to be sold for that amount of money we did realise that a mere £300,000 a week … Continue reading

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£287m Spent On Redundancy Payments Along With £500m On Consultants

It seems Francis Maude has made redundancy payments to tens of thousands of civil servants only then to hire consultants costing £500m. What a brilliant idea! According to The Times it could have cost us all a hell of a … Continue reading

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Panorama Tonight: Can Cameron Sleep After That?

It would be nice to think that Sam-Cam was giving him some earache for something closer to home than Syria. Trouble is the bloke is so far up his own arse that we doubt he takes the slightest notice of … Continue reading

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