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Tory Toad, Philip Davies, Claims He’d Vote For Donny Dump “In A Heartbeat”

Publicity desperate Philip The Toad Davies realised he has not been in the media for a day or two. Sitting there in Toad Hall he reckoned on aligning himself with Donny Dump would be the quickest way of getting attention. … Continue reading

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Creepy Piers Morgan Revises History

Odd that this vile individual is still a free man, for the moment, but at least he is using his time wisely. Check these two Tweets: check the line the creepy git came out with in 2009 and compare that … Continue reading

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The New Whip: At Least It’s Not ‘Back To Type’

No way, because of course, worried about the impression that Wally Mitchell has left, along with Gideon trying to have a freebie on the trains, Cameron realises he needs someone who the public can relate to. So he chooses: Sir George … Continue reading

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Gove Takes His Next Step Towards World Domination


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Andrew Mitchell Speaks To Us Exclusively

And the Toad turned up to work in a tiny little VW – people’s wagon. Grief, he is pathetic.

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Gove Introduces The New ‘Ewok’ Exam

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Where Is This Big-Mouthed Gob-Shite?

Has anybody seen this loathsome individual? Let’s hope we have enough Border Control Officers to refuse him entry to the country.

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Does This Mouthy Git Think That Makes Up For 23 Years Of Lying?

To pick-up on a tweet: He should now be refered to as – Kelvin MacKenzie the lying toad who is the former editor of the disgraced Sun newswrapper.

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