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Even Now, Bliar Continues To Peddle His Fantasy That He Was Right And Nobody Else Understands

Here at TheField Towers we never trusted Bliar from day one. When the Labour Party lost the great hope John Smith none of us here could support them anymore. Bliar was obviously a Tory in Labour Clothing. His obsession with … Continue reading

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So Who Is Pulling John Chilcot’s Strings?

So why has the Inquiry into the Iraq War taken this long and why is it now going to take even longer? There is a point in time for the public where the word Delay starts to sound a lot … Continue reading

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Labour McBride Reveals Smears That Brown Appears Not To Have Noticed

McBride is Damien McBride who was Gordon Brown’s former spin doctor. McBride smeared the likes of Labour ministers Charles Clarke and John Reid during Brown’s bid to succeed Tory Bliar but Brown knew nothing about this and didn’t notice anything odd … Continue reading

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The ‘Perfect’ Defence – Tory Bliar

“I truly believe, honestly and genuinely, that this IS a real bear” What a defence! He’s not ‘lying’ because he ‘believes’ it to be true. Brilliant!

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Berlusconi Gets 4 Years – Now For Blair And Bush

The Italians have managed to do it so why the hell can’t we? Berlusconi only did a little bit of tax fraud. Over here that would probably be put down as mere Tax Avoidance and every MP would be trying … Continue reading

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Milibland: We Have Some Advice For You

All readers need to remember that our philosophy is most certainly – “A plague a’ both your houses!” or in the nature of todays language  – “A Plague On All Your Houses!” However given that there is going to be a lot … Continue reading

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One Million Dollars For 3 Hours Work: Tory Bliar

It’s hard to get your head around this. This War Criminal, who should be on trial at the Hague, has found himself a nice ‘little’ earner. Seems he has also found a ‘Hair-Stylist’. Link Check -Out The Sunday Times – What … Continue reading

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