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FREE To Download! Your Katie Hopkins TOPLESS Calendar For 2017!

Simple connect your device to a printer and then download these exclusive photographs of the beloved Katie Hopkins TOPLESS! Now THIS is how we all want to see her!!!

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“Soon, Privacy – Especially For The Royals – Will Be A Thing Of The Past”

If they really thought it was that private it is just as well they didn’t start going at it like a pair of jackhammers! Yes, alright, we can smell our flesh burning and we realise we are condemned for all … Continue reading

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Royals To Make ‘Criminal Complaint’ Over Topless Shots

We don’t think they were that bad. She looked quite nice in some of them. Yes, yes, alright, we have packed out bags. You’ve got your wish, we are all heading off to ‘live in France’. (yawn, yawn. ff) For those … Continue reading

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Middleton: Why Would The Rest Of The World Care?

Can’t help but feel there is a dreadful arrogance being shown here by a lot of establishment figures. Why would anyone beyond this tiny island show any special deference to Kate Middleton? She means very little to them. Not sure she … Continue reading

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Good Old Kate!

Wonder who wrote and then typed it out for her? Just a thought. ff “And you say that ‘thing’ is a camera and the long thing is a ‘telephoto lens’. Amazing!” Just an after thought. ff

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