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Tory Toffs Tap Their Toady Types To Top Tasks

Cameron employs the brother of Johnson in Downing Street and, no doubt, Off-Shore Millionaire Cameron will try and tell us he is the ‘Best Man’ for the job. (Can you have such a thing as ‘Networking Incest’? Seems you can. … Continue reading

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Bullindon ‘Bovver’ Boys Bully Britain

Never forget what a bunch of ‘Hoo-Ray Henries’ this bunch are and the contempt they have for the rest of us who they just love to lord it over. (Many thanks to whoever created this graphic as this one is … Continue reading

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Leader Of The Nastiest Party We Have Ever Had?

Is Off-Shore Cameron now the leader of the nastiest, most self-indulgent, smug, self-satisfied, divisive, devious, selfish party this country has ever seen? We always thought that Thatcher was a witch but maybe she wasn’t so bad after all! What a … Continue reading

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Make a very careful note of the faces from this video. If you should spot any of these utter tossers later then remember where you saw them first. If they should ever try to show their faces anywhere near the Chamber … Continue reading

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