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Save The NHS March In Manchester Today – Ignored By The BBC

There was a march in Manchester today, on the eve of the Nasty Party Conference, to Save the NHS from further privatisation. WE NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BECAUSE THE BBC ARE TRYING TO IGNORE IT. Just the same … Continue reading

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On The Eve Of The TUC Conference: What’s Wrong With Our Politicians

Could This Be Why Our Politicians Are So Unbelievably Shite? Our current crop of politicians is unbelievably shite for some very good and very understandable reasons. They all full of themselves regardless of the overwhelming evidence in front of them … Continue reading

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Rail Fares ‘To Rise By 4.1%’

Soon commuters will not be able to afford to go to work in the first place! Yet another above inflation price hike for the rail traveller who may well have to stand up for the entire journey. This has all of … Continue reading

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