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How Did This Happen In The Middle Of London?

 Twelve people have been confirmed dead in the Grenfell Tower tragedy but the death toll is expected to rise. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the events overnight. This has happened in the middle of London and, … Continue reading

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The Tragedy At Aberfan 50 Years Ago

On a beautiful October morning 50 years ago lives would be lost and others were to be altered forever because businessmen refused to listen to the people who actually knew what they were doing. On 21 October 1966 coal waste … Continue reading

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Still Remembered – Hillsborough 15 April, 1989

The 96 – RIP

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Well It Doesn’t Look Like He Has A….

(You are NOT putting that! No, no-way. Forget it, it’s not big and it’s not clever. Just drop it, it’s not happening and that’s an end to it. Just because they will have thought it doesn’t alter the fact you … Continue reading

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Seems Inspector Clouseau Is Still Employed By The French Police

It only took them 8 hours to discover that there was a small child hidden at the murder scene. A four-year old child was left under the body of her dead mother for 8 hours as the French police managed to overlook her. As  … Continue reading

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