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HS2 Boss Escapes The Sinking Ship Before The Bilge Reaches Head High!

Well this looks a good one! Simon Kirby has deserted his post at the HS2 and scurried over to Rolls-Royce. He has done it amid accusations that he has done a ‘runner’ before the ‘true scale of the mess he … Continue reading

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Having Pots Of Money Is No Clue To Pure Class – Compare Osborne & Corbyn

Remember when Giddy Osborne got caught travelling on a train in the First Class section when he only carried a ticket that allowed him to travel with the rest of us plebs? He obviously thought he was so important that he … Continue reading

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So Just How Elitist IS David Cameron?

Just about as elitist as you can get! No great surprise from an Eton Boy but when someone claims he is ‘Prime Minister’ it’s pretty disreputable. He represents the financially elite of this country and has little no regard for anybody … Continue reading

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How Far Out Of His Depth Is Patrick Mcloughlin?

On Newsnight tonight Emily Maitlis showed what a complete toss-pot this poor git is. So out of his depth it was pathetic to watch. Still – he does like his trains.

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Di Canio – A Stickler For Punctuality – Shakes Up Sunderland

Paolo told the loyal fans, “At least I’ll get them all to training on time.” LINK

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