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How Much Are Those At The BBC Paid With Tax Payer’s Money?

Sure, they love to claim that it isn’t a TV Tax, it’s a Licence. That’s all tosh, that’s like calling the 12 weeks Holiday the MPs have a Recess. Utter bollox! This is a very unscientific list of the pay … Continue reading

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Nasty Party Agree To A Rise In The TV-Tax From April

As a big thank-you from Tess May-Day for doing as they are told the BBC have been told that they can increase the TV-Tax. Of course, as it is a Flat Tax, the increase means little to all of her … Continue reading

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Are You Noticing How Quickly Bad News For The Tories Is Obscured By Trivia?

Red Herrings And Dead Cats Lynton Crosby was the master of this. Alistair Campbell did the job before that. The task is simple – if a slice of news gets reported that doesn’t make us look good then get something … Continue reading

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Essential Tips To Make It As A TV Chef

There is a lot of competition out there but there are some solid rules to presenting that just must not be broken. Rule 1: You must eat standing up. Whatever you do simply do not allow yourself to sit down … Continue reading

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The Politicians Sunday Morning Sofa Surfing Just Gets Worse

Sunday morning TV and radio have always been pretty dire. Then they got taken over by politicians who would never show their face the rest of the week. They figured that Sunday was a ‘family’ day so they would never … Continue reading

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So Why Does Liam Fox Get His Face On The Telly And In Print At The Drop Of A Hat?

He’s always good for Sunday-Sofa somewhere. Usually the BBC but he’s not that fussy. For some bizarre reason that escapes us at TheField Liam Fox can get a platform to talk any old cak he’s just thought of as easy … Continue reading

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Even More Evidence That Politicians ‘Just Don’t Get The Interweb’

It still amazes us how often politicians just set themselves up for a good kicking. They will wear dumb-arse outfits, kiss strange items and then, the latest, is take a selfie. The crowning glory of all of these though is … Continue reading

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