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Who, If Anybody, Is Advising Tess About PMQs?

One assumes she thought she was being uber-trendy by referring to a Twitter account during PMQs today. She thought it would make her look ‘hip’ if she used it to attack Jeremy Corbyn rather than answer a question and explain … Continue reading

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Louise Mensch Manages To Un-Think Katie Hopkins – Quite An Achievement

Munchkin was looking to smear Labour party members and generally have one of her pointless little rants. Never on a Friday though, she doesn’t have time to do anything on a Friday, ask Dodgy-Dave. It involved the autocomplete on her tablet. … Continue reading

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Crosby & Textor Decide There Are ONLY 12 Pictures Of Cameron Allowed

According to Central Office Who Must Be Obeyed there are just 12 official photos of our wonderful President Prime Minister. Takes some believing but the Nasty Party are now out for total control of the media. These are the ones … Continue reading

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In The Run Up To May 7th 2015 You Might Need To Get Used To This

This is the new logo of the Bullingdon Bully Boy Conservatism. The BBBC who will report anything that Crosby and Textor tell them so as they can keep their TV-Tax. Ordinarily they are ‘not allowed’ to advertise a product but when … Continue reading

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Are Cameron And Osborne Just Taking Us Back To The 60’s?

Why does it feel like that? Have any of us, the 99%, made any progress in the last 3 years? Doesn’t feel much like it. When multimillionaires make a fuss over £50 you know they are taking the piss. That’s … Continue reading

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Jack Wilshere Reminds Us About What It Is To Be English

We’ve decided that we would help our super intelligent footballers with this idea of being English. We are pleased to point out just what it is to be quintessentially English. We love our curry We love our lager We love our … Continue reading

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We’ve Not Seen The News On The Telly Today………….

…..does anybody know what Stephen Fry has tweeted in the last 12 hours? It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the News Media that those who are interested in what Stephen Fry tweets are probably already ‘Following’ him.

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