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Disappointing Twelve Hours For UKip

For reasons we will explain, we love UKip.  We think Nigel Farage is the best thing to happen to UK politics in years! {Dear Reader thinks, “Fordington Field has lost the plot, they must have been ‘got-at’ to write stuff … Continue reading

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2 Reasons Why Patrick Mercer Will Not Give Up His Seat…Yet

They are very simple: “1 – £66,396” “2 – Ukip” Mercer is not likely to give up his salary, plus expenses, plus all the other perks like passes along with subsidised food and drink in the middle of London. Ibiza-Boy will not force him … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage: Lest We Forget

His father was a Stockbroker in the City – BANKER! Farage was educated at Dulwich College –Public School Twat Dulwich College is an Independent School for boys – Part of the Establishment He was active in the Conservative Party from his … Continue reading

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The REAL South Shields By-Election Result

The usual old tosh from our politicians with Labour claiming 50.51% of the vote – Cobblers! The Harsh Facts Only 24,736 turned-out to vote, less than 40%. That means the number of eligible voters comes in at 62,974 (give or take a … Continue reading

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What Is That Slimy Git Hammond Up To Today?

Flaccid-Organ Hammond has suddenly popped up today and got himself on the news. Why might that be? We know full well that Gideon will not change any financial plans, ‘the lady’s not for turning’, so most of what Flaccid has … Continue reading

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