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Kanye West Says He Plans To Run For President In 2020

Having declared himself to be the greatest rock star ever the multi-talented Kanye West has now moved on to have ambitions of becoming President of the United States of America. He’s not going to rush into anything and is looking … Continue reading

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The Original Meeting Of Three Leaders Wasn’t That Far Away

The original of this was actually the Tehran Conference; just 506 miles apart and 70 odd years ago. Parliament is to be recalled today to discuss the UK’s possible involvement in air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. LINK Note … Continue reading

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Poor Old Liz Windsor Coughs Up A Fur Ball

Off-Shore Cameron has revealed the secrets that Queen Liz was hoping her plebs would never discover. Seems Liz is a bit of a Cougar on the quiet. During an intimate conversation with dear Liz, Off-Shore admitted, “She was purring at … Continue reading

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CSI: Dog Do-Do DNA Detective Dept.

Here’s a great story to start the New Year with and it could only come from America. A condo complex in Jacksonville is so tired of dog do-do all over the place they are taking drastic action. They are gathering … Continue reading

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UK Could Be Europe’s ‘Largest’ Economy

“COULD be”, who comes up with this tosh? UK could be Europe’s ‘largest’ economy in 2030!! Twenty-Thirty?? Are they having a laugh? This fantasy is according to the think tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR). LINK Coming … Continue reading

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Beyond The Limits Of Hypocrisy From The US

Having been more than happy to hack every European leader they have ever heard of, along with the possibility that Cameron helped them out, the National Security Agency has now staggered the world. On the day after it was revealed that the NSA … Continue reading

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Cameron Joins In The “Shoot The Messenger” Routine

We’ve written about this lower down and now Cameron has jumped onto yet another cheap passing bandwagon. He was also very careful not to condemn the spying by America while continuing the rhetoric about who we should ‘blame’. You’d think it was … Continue reading

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“Blame Snowden!” Yeah, Right. He’s The Villian Of The Piece!!!!

When the shit hits the fan lets find someone to blame! When the truth comes out find a scapegoat. The States have been exposed as a Spying Capital on its allies and they don’t like it. They desperately need to find … Continue reading

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Have You Got A Pair Big Enough To Bring-Up A Child?

It seems there is a link between the size of the two dangling boys and the ability of the father to be involved in the raising of their child. We are not talking bollox here! Emory University in America couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Why Are The BBC So Keen On Military Intervention?

Day after day, newsreader after newsreader on the BBC seem to be urging the country to take military action over Syria. Other than appearing to want to support the Tories there seems little real ‘News’ in this desire. Opinion polls show there is … Continue reading

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