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Now His Own Church Points Out What A Nasty Piece Of Work IDS Is

Pretty obvious that the arrogant, conceited, spiteful Iain Duncan Smith will not take any notice of a blog like this but you’d think he might, as a Catholic, take note of over 70 prominent Catholics who tell him he’s got … Continue reading

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Jeremy Isa Hunt: What A Dreadful Little Man He Is

Get and do a shift as a member of the medical staff in any large hospital Hunt. Dreadful, pointless little man who has but one concern in his life. All he wants to do is to PRIVATISE THE NHS and … Continue reading

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IDS And His Financial Cleansing Of Camden

The vile Ian and Duncan Smith have now started the Financial Cleansing in parts of the country he doesn’t want poor people to live in. We can only imagine that following behind them will be a load of his mates … Continue reading

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