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Throwaway Coffee Cups Cannot Be Replaced Until 2023 – What Utter Crap!

Throwaway coffee cups from street shops are a real waste problem. According to a bunch of pointless MPs this cannot be solved until 2023. What crap – the industry has clearly got to them. It could be solved in the … Continue reading

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A Lesson For All Those Involved In The Food Chain

You may remember we had a rant about Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago. Link. They are not alone of course. Some people are working to reduce waste and, in particular, the disgraceful waste of perfectly edible food. It was … Continue reading

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Sainsbury’s Would Rather Pour It Away Than Let A Customer Have It As A Gift

You’ve done your shopping and it’s on the moving belt. The operator is scanning each item but suddenly there is a problem. NO BAR CODE!!!! Alert! Alert! No Bar Code! Alert! Now the item is a carton of milk that … Continue reading

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When Is Recycling Not Really Recycling? When It’s A Paper Coffee Cup!

The UK manages to get through 10,000 paper coffee cups in just 10 minutes. Some of these are just a little bit recyclable but there are only 2 sites in the UK who can do this. One of them has … Continue reading

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The Number Of Foodbanks Increases While Tesco Reveal Food Waste Of Nearly 119 Million Meals

That is a colossal 59,400 tonnes of food just going to waste. It represents food that is edible but has gone unsold for whatever reason. Now Dave Lewis, of Tesco, is looking to do more to redistribute their surplus edible … Continue reading

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Another Display Today From Cameron Showing Us All What A Truly Nasty Party Leader He Is

There are many things we can call ‘Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron’ but Statesman is most definitely NOT one of them. What these 3rd rate politicians call one another in private is one thing but when they are at the … Continue reading

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Our Energy Problems Solved: A Bus Running On POO!

Don’t go and tailgate any buses between Bath and Bristol Airport. You do not want to get too close to their exhaust fumes because it runs on poo. Food waste and human poo! Does it need a coffee to get … Continue reading

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Who Remembers Cameron And His ‘Hug A Husky’ Cak?

All utter twaddle from Comrade Cameron as usual. That was during his ‘Green’ Phase which lasted about three weeks. The latest ‘Treat The Public As Green As Grass’ policy is to scrap the community veto which allows local politicians to … Continue reading

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The House Of Lords: Why Is It Open Late At Night?

If this was a library, with so few people using it, any council in the land would close it. Why is the Lords open for these few silly old gits and how much does it cost us?

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