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The Woman Given The Largest State Hand-Out In The Country Demands Another £369 Million

We will not be spending time on this: it only deserves our utter contempt. A family who sponge off the state to an unimaginable degree now want £369 million from us because none of them have thought about using what … Continue reading

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Eleven Lost YEARS – That’s Just For Starters In Afghanistan

Where do you start to calculate the losses after that? Appalling. LINK

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The House Of Lords: Why Is It Open Late At Night?

If this was a library, with so few people using it, any council in the land would close it. Why is the Lords open for these few silly old gits and how much does it cost us?

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So What Do Our MPs Do While Sitting In The House Of Commons?

Not a lot if these photos are anything to go by. Sodding about on their phones seems to be the rule for the day. Some of them are sitting there typing into their tablets. The woman in pink is trying to … Continue reading

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Are There ANY Journalists Left In The Country????

Every one of them MUST, simply MUST head out to the Vatican. There is no possibility that a few could use the correspondents they have out there already. NO! They simply must fly out there and report on it stood there … Continue reading

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The Lords: The Most Expensive Private Club In That There London?

We wonder how much it costs all of us Tax-Payers to keep this Private Club open for a few silly old sods to talk a lot of bollox? Certainly packed-out tonight! Don’t suppose you could turn one of those lights … Continue reading

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