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Was Today A Turning Point For The Labour Party?

Some bloke from Labour, Liam Byrne MP we think his name is, came on the radio talking and sounding more like the vile pair Iain and Duncan Smith representing the Nasty Party than those two ever have! We also heard … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tax Story Today That May Not Make It On To The News

While the media has been busying itself with a prolonged party-political broadcast the world has run as normal. The impact of the Welfare Changes has not been forgotten and the appalling A-Tosser are still telling disabled individuals to ‘Get To … Continue reading

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Gideon Osborne Speaks Out On Politicians’ Welfare

After making a speech on welfare this week, Gideon Osborne said during a visit to Derby that there were wider lessons about politicians’ behaviour that need to be considered. “I think there is a question for the government and for … Continue reading

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It’s A Welfare Face-Off: Watch And Decide For Yourselves

Check-out YouTube to see what went on – who just said, “It looks like a sketch out of Little & Large!”

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Is Iain Duncan Smith A Two-Faced, Hypocritical, Tory Git?

Seems that while he is currently trying to deny benefits to anyone he can think of who is disadvantaged there have been times in HIS life when he has been more than happy to accept a state hand-out. Just about … Continue reading

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