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May Makes A Song And Dance About Abuse Again But We’ve Heard It All Before

If you are old enough you might remember May set-up an inquiry into Child Abuse. You’ll need a good memory to recall what happened with it. Is it still running? Is a report due anytime soon? Who knows? A classic … Continue reading

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Royals Join The Families Of The London Attack Victims At The Remembrance Service In Westminster

All so very sad.

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So Exactly Why Was Boorish Johnson With Dodgy Dave In New York On Thursday Evening?

Eyes were on Trafalgar Square last night as thousands gathered to remember the victims of the Westminster terror attack. There were people there from around the world, much like the victims of the attack. The world’s media also turned up … Continue reading

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A Very Sad Day In London Today

Our thoughts go out to all those who have suffered and those who helped in any way they could today as the horror in London unfolded.

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Just How Shallow Is David Cameron?

Having made a bad situation even worse during his 4 years of dictatorship it is interesting to have an insight into how he thinks. This occurred at the annual Westminster Correspondents dinner held before an audience of journalists who lick … Continue reading

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IPSA Is Planning Pay Rise For MPs Of £10,000 To £76K+

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority are looking to boost the salary of each hard-working MP by £10,000 forcing them to try to get by on a mere £76,396. All that will then keep the wolf from the door for these … Continue reading

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Margaret Hodge Shows Her Support For Ofspol

She told MPs – ‘it feels as if we are hardly working’ Margaret Hodge, who chairs the public accounts committee, said the coalition should lengthen the parliamentary calendar because MPs were spending less time in Westminster scrutinising policy. MPs risk … Continue reading

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