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May-Day Presides Over The Least Talented Party In Years

So Feely Fallon fell on his sword before May was forced to sack him. Can’t help thinking he only resigned not because his standards had “fallen short” but that he had been caught. Without the publicity we can’t see him … Continue reading

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Anne Marie Morris Joins A Very Unpleasant Number Of Nasty Party Members

She might be the latest one on the list but the Nasty Party has a history of them. Anne Marie Morris, 2017, is the latest and claimed she had not intended to use the phrase and apologised “for any offence … Continue reading

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“I’m Back In The Nasty Party Now…..

“I’ll Choke Out Any Words You Tell Me To Say, Dave.” Nadine – I Have No Shame – Dorries has suddenly become the Gob of the Nasty Party. So that was how she got back in with Off-Shore Cameron!

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