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Dodgy Dave Revealed Again As Report Does Not Go The Way He Planned It

Simple really, if the report doesn’t say what you commissioned it for then just avoid publishing it. Seems that is exactly what Off-Shore Cameron has done and a report on immigration. Theresa May started the ball rolling when she suggested that, “for … Continue reading

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Funny When Life Eventually Imitates Art

Sir Humphrey: “Well, we can always try to persuade them [the BBC] to withdraw programs voluntarily, once they realize that transmission is not in the public interest.” Jim Hacker: “Well, it is not in my interest. And I represent the … Continue reading

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Sir Humphrey Appleby Would Be SO Proud

“Security implications.” was the great catch-all that Sir Humphrey would use in ‘Yes, Minister’. That would end all conversation and Sir Humphrey would get his way. Seems John Bercow has learnt this one and is trying to use it to … Continue reading

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“In The Thick Of It” Returns Tonight

The next assault on our hapless politicians begins tonight at 9:45. It hits the mark but at times the hypocrisy it is exposing is sometimes lost in the brutality of it. For us the far more subtle “Yes, Minister” and … Continue reading

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