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Remember When Dodgy-Dave Was ‘Green’ Because He Fracking Can’t!

All that, “Hug a Huskie” old bollox as went on his skiing holiday. We knew it was all tosh and today it was confirmed for anyone who still doubted it. An application to carry out fracking in England for the … Continue reading

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Cameron Moves Outside Of His Country Estate And Reveals What An Ignorant Prat He Really Is

No doubt having picked up his passport, Dodgy-Dave went out on expedition. He fancied a trip to the ‘Frozen North’ and decided to head off towards Yorkshire; wherever that is? He claimed he was going there to deliver a speech … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Knitting Too Heavy For Lamp-Posts At The Tour de France

Seems the lamp-posts around Cambridge are made of stronger stuff than those around Yorkshire. No longer can the cry of, “Southern Softie” be levelled at those in Cambridge. LINK Seems the knitted bunting that had been prepared for the Tour … Continue reading

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Bak Two Skool – Woo Sez TeVe Iz Runing Owt Ov Eyedears?

Now we are not suggesting that they only have one idea in their heads but here’s the line-up for this exciting week: Yes, you have seen that right. The BBC has THREE schools programmes going out for adults. Such imaginative … Continue reading

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The Battle of Orgreave And The South Yorkshire Police

A group of 10,000 miners found there were 5,000 police facing them. The police then charged the miners but they did it on horseback. This was England, 18th June 1984. Police then doctored video footage that was presented to the … Continue reading

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