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(18) David Cameron Celebrates His Conference Success In A Rap

(18) Off-Shore Cameron was so excited that he’d managed to get away with yet another Conference that he celebrated by rapping on the platform when he thought the cameras had left the hall. He didn’t reckon on Cassetteboy who captured … Continue reading

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Education At The BBC – ‘Could Do A Lot Better’: D-

Tonight sees the start of ‘Class Clowns’ which the YouTube best bits have shown us is truly dreadful. If we are really lucky it could be as awful as their ‘Bad Education’ over on BBC3. Now that is some utter crap. … Continue reading

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More Tosh From The BBC ‘Entertainment’ Department

As if the ‘I Love My BBC Contract’ with Gobby Logan isn’t juvenile enough the BBC has now made that early evening slot ever more soul destroying. Now it is not that the BBC is devoid of any new ideas … Continue reading

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