12/6/12 The Beer Monster predictions on a Palindrome Day (sort of).

5/6/12 Can the country afford the jubilee?

No problem. Even the Tory backbenchers recognise that Gideon is an idiot so we can all enjoy ourselves.

Don’t believe us?

29/5/12 Well that’s original!

Gosh, the writers of Silk have come up with a great storyline about 3 students in, of all places, Oxford! As the place of birth of a good many of the staff here (The Radcliffe Infirmary. ff) is really is about time that a crime series used the backdrop of the dreaming Spires along with the College buildings. We are staggered that nobody has ever thought of using it before.

Struggling for a storyline over at the BBC? Good grief.

22/5/12 Photography night again

We’ve got Portraits and Celebs to take pictures of over on Arts 1. ITV4 throws in a preview of Euro 2012, if anyone is going to turn up. Not all it could be by any means. CSI limps on and we really don’t go a lot on ‘Becker’ joining the team – another American who has been to the Plank School of Acting. The rest of them just about carry it off; just.

Warrick Brown

Warrick Brown deceased (in show)

15/5/12 It’s photography night!

Looks like you need Sky Arts tonight with Photographers at Work followed by Celebrity Exposed. The new president of France takes time out and on Hollande tonight we have Hot Chip – excellent.

8/5/12 Footie

Liverpool and Chelsea tonight.

1/5/12 “Let’s ballad”

Richard Hawley on tonight with dear old Jools – worth waiting up for.

Richard Hawley performing at the Summer Sundae...

Richard Hawley “Leave Your Body Behind You”

24/4/12 There is an alternative

On one side Barcelona and Chelsea part 2 is unveiled and it really is a case of ‘all to play for’. At the same time there is a fascinating documentary about ‘Herb and Dorothy’. They are a New York couple who live in a flat/apartment that is barely big enough to swing the poor old cat in. They have managed to fill it with enough artwork to make a decent dent to the Ashmolean Museum!! Odd couple but very watchable.

Wow!!! Matt Lucas has some totally original guests on his show this week. We mean, where else could you get to see Clive Anderson (yawn), Germain Greer (yaaaawn) and Louis Walsh (yaaaaaawwwwwn)? Please, give us strength.

At least we can finish off with Jools Holland. Look out for Alabama Shakes and the wonderful bass lines – bliss!

Alabama Shakes

17/4/12 Well there is one highlight

Jools Holland is back! Got worried about the last series as we felt he’d lost the plot. We would really like it to reflect 6Music although we can accept that may not be its brief – but it should be. At least we Start! well with Mr Weller.

Paul weller 4

Paul Weller

That was close. At last, Sue Perkins is back on the BBC. Seems like only 5 min ago she was on every damn thing the BBC was broadcasting!!! Agh! She fits our About page mantra for sure.

Thank heavens it on after the watershed! Meet the Romans presented by Prof Mary Beard.

(Oh come on readers, you didn’t imagine Prof Beard was going to get away scottfree did you? ff)

10/4/12 You can’t say the BBC has run out of ideas – much

Tonight they have a straight run of 90 min of cooking on BBC2. This is after 105 min of Antiques but with the ‘clever’ twist that some of them are D-List celebrities trying to sell some tat they have bought. Then they promote a ‘New’ series with the quite awful Matt Lucas which is just a poorly rated Radio 2 show, may have been 4, which they have ‘imaginatively’ transferred to television! Heaven help us.

Cameron, do us all one big favour. Save all of us £145.50 a year and just abolish the TV Licence. IF their output is as good as they all tell themselves it is then commercial bodies will jump at the chance of taking them over. If it should happen that a lot of talentless-but-I’ve-got-a-job-for-life individuals end up out of work well so be it.

For balance there is also a chance to Hit The Jack: very hard, straight between the legs! Now THAT’S funny.

3/4/12 Pretty poor day today

Barcelona and AC Milan provide us with some high grade football that is usually worth a look. Horizon then has an hour on AI. It has the potential to be very good but the problem might be that it is on the BBC. It is probably just us but why does it feel that every science programme they put out was actually made by CBBC? Let’s hope that’s not the case with this one.

27/3/12 If you don’t love cricket you are pretty much stuffed.

Sri Lanka and England, drop everything for this one (he, he, he. ff) then it is the West Indies and Australia.

“Bugger. That’s another one through my fingers.”

20/3/12 Something to look forward to!

We’ve got Horizon and a bit about eating disorders. Let’s hope it’s not a BBC dumbdown special but a genuine piece of science – fingers crossed. We’ve nearly finished the Bob Gruen specials so we’d better not miss this one.

We’ve got a great new show then: Hit The Jack! Seems we are allowed to Hit Jack Whitehall as hard and as often as we like. Can we have two goes?

Wait, seems we have read this incorrectly. It is in fact just another talentless rider on this endless train of comedy mediocrity we are being made to suffer. He is also another example of why lots of people think Tuition Fees are a good idea. We reckon if you want to be a doctor, a teacher, a nurse and anything else the country needs you should get it all for free if you end up doing that for the nation. Do we need someone else who knows about the History of Art? Really? Study it by all means but not at the Tax Payers’ expense. He didn’t even finish the course. What did that cost us?

What a nice wedding photo

13/3/12 A bit of a mixed bag tonight

Start the morning off with some Count Arthur Strong on the radio. Early evening we can go on a tour of GB, that’s getting a familiar theme, with Britain’s Photo Album. Picking up the photo theme we have the next part of the Bob Gruen series as he moves into the 70’s and we can see his work covering Punk. Then we’ve got the new series of CSI, the original, starting. Ray has left and we do have to ask if the team really needs a new leader. All the characters have established roles in both the fiction and as a fact. It becomes very important who is to replace Ray and the signs are not good. DB Russell played by Ted Danson of all people! Whichever way it turns out it seems Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) has had enough and is moving on in a couple of weeks. We will have to see how it goes.

6/3/12 Sport and photos – BBC Radio =1

Live on tonight we find Arsenal and, by a strange twist of fate, Chelsea who are without a manager! We’ve also got some more of Bob Gruen and this time it’s about his classic pictures of John Lennon. Finally we can lie back in bed and listen to the madness that is Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show.

28/2/12 And then they go and clash! – BBC = 1

We have the True Story of Apollo 13 which aims to separate the fact from the fiction in the 1995 film. We’ve got 30 min with the legendary music photographer Bob Gruen. Great line from him, which they may use again, is how many great pictures were taken but then just deleted because we now use digital? Gruen didn’t know who would become famous so he kept all his film. Five years later he suddenly found he had taken photos of Rock-Gods!

Bob Gruen Had The Sense To Keep This At The Time

Finally there is the answer to all our prayers. Forget training for hours each day – total fitness on just three minutes of high-intensity exercise each……week! We here would really love to believe this but commonsense tells us there is a lot more to this idea. For a start they take an hour to pass on this very simple idea!

21/2/12 A palindrome!!!!!

Pakistan and England complete the ODI series and then turn their attention to Twenty20 matches. Chelsea have a difficult away game at Napoli – could be the last game for the Chelsea manager.

The evening should be good with the current crop of Brit Awards. Shame they could only find James Corden to host it but we guess those with any talent will be involved in the awards in some way. When this finishes there is the Brit Awards Backstage with the totally bonkers Keith Lemon. Should take the rise out of anyone who has got too far up themselves.

14/2/12 Not a lot to stay in for tonight

Two high points with the Good Food channel giving us Perfect: Curry Night for an hour followed by Shaun Ryder returning to his First Love the saxophone. To keep us going through all of that are Barcelona in the Champions League.

This all gives us a chance for the second in an occasional series entitled:

The Greatest Song Lyrics Of All Time #2

De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da
Their innocence will pull me through
De do do do, de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do, de da da da
They’re meaningless and all that’s true (The Police)

They certainly don’t write them like that anymore.

7/2/12 We ask you, what are we paying for?

FA Cup football seems to be the only thing worth a mention. Now then, remind us – we do have to buy a TV Tax licence by Law don’t we?

Gives us chance for two items and we’ll start with The Super Bowl. No wonder the audience eat so much when this is on – nothing happens! Our crazy sportsmen and women are required to keep going for 40 to 45 minutes before they get a recognised break. American Football sometimes goes for a full 30 even 40 seconds without a stoppage! But they are very rough and tough – by the look of it someone is hurling cricket balls straight at their heads at 90 mph. They do well to keep dodging those! Plus there is certainly no messing about with those big blokes “Oh I’m so angry, if you do that again I’m going to give you a ruddy big push!” Some might refer to it as ‘handbags’. We couldn’t possibly comment.


Moving on:

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The FordingtonField

1)      It really is based on Fordington Field

2)      It really is published every day

3)      All articles are rigorously researched and extensively investigated

4)      All articles are carefully proof read to avoid obvious errors

31/1/12 If you’ve got the channels it’s ok

A bit on tonight with good old Richard Thompson teaching some actor to play the guitar. They have to end up playing at the Cambridge Folk festival. Following on is Bernie Sumner, of Joy Division and New Order fame, going through some of their best numbers and how they were written. There is also Everton against Manchester City but best to wait until later for Match of the Day. Then you’ve got Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs.

Richard Thompson at Cropredy Festival, 2005

Richard Thompson Stil Going Strong

24/1/12 Nothing, zilch, naff-all

Nothing on today whatsoever. Time for a silly pic.

Louise Munchkin

17/1/12 Cricket and that’s your lot

You’ll need to get up early to see the opening day of the First Test from the Dubai Sports City Stadium between Pakistan and England.

10/1/12  Nothing, really and truly nothing!

And another thing………….why do we have the ‘star’ pressing a fake button to start the National Lottery when we can all see it is the person in the background with the real one?

And another thing………….why are we STILL waiting for MP’s to revise their own pensions why they happily slash everyone elses?

And another thing………….why does that Dominic Littlewood spend time on his Saints and Scroungers while the big money slips away through Tax avoidance? When is he doing a series on them?

And another thing………….why do actors call what little they do ‘work’? Grow up!

And another thing………….why do we have Channel 5?

And another thing………….didn’t do it last time but just had to eventually.

3/1/12 TV has the start of nine weeks of “The Biggest Loser”.  A tie in nicely with today’s thought.

Oh good, Big School want to tell us all what we should buy from the Tuck Shop. Remember back in October of last year they tried to tell all Gap Year students how to cook. That was their snappily entitled ‘5by25’. Yes, that really caught on! They have now had a Prefect meeting and asked Matron what they should do. She has come up with, wait for it, a ‘Healthy Eating Plan’. Brilliant!

Guess what? You will be healthier if you eat more fruit and vegetable. Who knew? It’s a good idea to eat less red and processed meat. Gosh? You should try to eat fish a couple of times a week and eat more whole grain foods. Well I never!


How much is this ‘initiative’ costing the Parents? They’ve got some tired old TV chef to try to give it some authenticity but honestly, I ask you? How can they compete with Big Business who run Huge Tuck Shops world wide and advertise every meal they produce? The Prefects have got one heck of a job to advertise a salad to look as appetising as they can make a burger look – it’s that blindingly simple.

The forgotten 5by25 site. The soon to be forgotten Change4Life site.

(Note: The 5by25 site is a bit wobbly – get it?ff)

Have to mention the stitch-up of Manchester City who have to play again tonight against Liverpool. Who says Sir A doesn’t have a certain influence? Nice one.

20/12/11 TV is getting worse

Great! Jamie “River Café” is going to show us how to cook sprouts. Why? What is it with these people that they have to make something so simple into a 15 stage operation? Justifying there fees? No, wouldn’t be that…much.

Even the Live footie is hard work – Blackburn and Bolton. Oh come on.

At least Mark Steel is on the radio so there is 30 min of entertainment today.

What wonderful Christmas deals going on all over the place. Loads of them offering cuts of 50% and some even more. Starts to make us wonder how much we are all being ripped off the rest of the year? We know the dollar price instantly becomes a pounds price with a tax added to it but even stuff made here looks like it gets hit with the same syndrome.

Clichés that can back-fire on you:

“You Are The Missing Link – Good Grief!”

13/12/11 What a great date!

Yes, We’ve always had a thing about numbers at The Field. There you go.

TV is pretty rubbish at the moment which makes us all think they are saving the best stuff for the holidays. Sorry, I had you all going there for a moment! It’ll be even more junk over the holiday!

Little cooking rant – Anthony excluded.


  1. do TV chefs have to stand when they eat the food?
  2. do they say everything is lovely before they’ve eaten it?
  3. do they say it is the best they’ve eaten unless it is a ‘competition’?
  4. do they talk with their mouths full of food?

That’s better.

06/12/11 Not able to give a heads-up on anything today.

But TV isn’t far from our thoughts. Have you seen the BBC advert “Consider Yourself”? Wait, it’s not an advert, it’s a trailer. What a bag of nuts!

What is the point of it? I don’t know about you but I did think it entirely likely that the BBC would be broadcasting over the Christmas period. I wonder what it took out of the licence fee to tell us the blindingly obvious?

What would we do without enlightened politicians? Quite a lot to be honest. Their latest ‘brilliant’ idea is to teach about gambling to school pupils. Seems they were given a report by GamCare. The Mail got very upset about the whole idea. Don’t tell them that Maths teachers have been doing that in their lessons on Probability for the last ten years or more.

Following on from the exposure of the connections between Dow Chemicals, Bhopal, Coe and the skirt for the Olympic stadium it was interesting to hear Tessa Jowell last night. I didn’t know the Olympics now involved the event know as ‘running backwards as fast as I can’. She has to be a real medal hope.

A Real Medal Hope

Turner Prize

I’d have given it to this bloke:

£25K well spent

29/11/11 Football and that’s about it

Arsenal playing Manchester City should be worth a view or a listen.

Phone Hacking: a clear case of TBI.

Did it really never occur to these people what was happening? They were more than happy to repeatedly blame their friends and relatives while continuing to talk on their phone and mobile phone as if nothing was wrong. They have to be a sandwich short of a picnic. TBI – Technology Beyond Intelligence. A device packed with more processing ability than that which was claimed to land a man on the moon in the hands of people who can barely use a pocket calculator! Are they not just asking for trouble?

Some responses have suggested that here at FordingtonField we are anti-government. We are delighted to blow this concept out of the water. When it comes to pensions it is not just the MPs who acquire staggeringly high pension pay-offs.

Derek Simpson, of the Unite trade union, has received severance pay of around £361K! In total it was around the £500K mark at the age of 66. Nice ‘work’ if you can get it.

This may have been photoshopped

22/11/11 A few spots worth a look

New series begins for Adventurers In Britain which, on the face of it, sounds like a good idea given what is available in this country. Trouble is the first part is about a flight in a microlite. Not too sure who this is aimed at. Then we have another presenter going deep underground into a labyrinth. All fairly normal activities really. Come on, seriously, unless it is some sort of ‘how-to-do’ what is the point? Keep showing me things I know I can’t do, even better, give me another show where you explore a property that costs more than most people will earn in their entire life. Go on, rub it in.

Noel Gallagher is on the last Later Live…..ever? It must be my age but I don’t know where or why some of these acts have been on. Maybe time to move on Jules?

Man Utd play Benfica tonight which will be a real test of how the season is going. It’s at home but I can’t see beyond a draw.

Not sure about the live broadcasting of the Leveson Inquiry. Seems that one of the problems the victims had was that their personal lives where revealed to the general public. I really can’t see it, how is allowing this live coverage going to help them? I can’t believe that they are all involved in a book deal or are going to tour the sofas of the talk shows.

Francis Maud. I ask you? What a complete and utter ##########!


15/11/11 Quiet day again.

An old Lewis, Rick still ‘tasting the sea’ and a pointless friendly for England. Gives us a chance to turn over to BBC2 at 9 o’clock to see some real life spy stuff. Never mind ‘Tinker, Tailor’ and the rest, this is Agent ZigZag. Fingers crossed.

Will ‘good ol’ John Terry play? What a nice bloke and such a great role model over the years. I hope they do that linking-of-arms and a big group hug on the pitch before the kick-off.

Caught the House of Lords late last night. Lord Taylor of Holbeach was answering questions on “The Rising Food Prices”. Clueless! Some old bint called Trumpington (wasn’t that a BBC kids programme?) clearly has not been part of this world for quite some time. She is also the one who flicked the V-sign at the Tory chap stood talking. This lot are allowed to endorse Laws? Heaven help us!

Cameroon, along with his fag Ozzy, still think it would be a wizard wheeze to put up all the prices in the Tuck Shop by 3p. What it must be like to be millionaire every day of term? A few of the Day-Boys want to show off in front of the parents and we’ll have to keep an out to see how that goes. Wack0-oh!

Mayday! Mayday! Be great if Brodie can hole her below the waterline and she is sunk without trace. Here’s wishing.

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