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George ‘Useless’ Eustace Claims Government Trial A Success

Great news for badgers and badger supporters but amazing claptrap from Useless-Eustace. Having had just about every prediction blown out of the water and every claim thrown into disrepute he tried to make out it was a success! They started … Continue reading

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Yeo, Yeo, Yeo – Merry Christmas

The good people of South Suffolk have thought about it and his constituency members have given Tim Yeo the heave-ho after he was accused of breaking lobbying rules. Have that as a little stocking filler! He thought he was cleared because … Continue reading

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Cameron Prepares For The Pantomime Season

“The big 6 listen to me” – oh no they don’t! “It’s not a climb down” – oh yes it is! “It’s not a price freeze” – oh yes it is! “I’m not panicking” – oh yes you are! “Good … Continue reading

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Vince Cable And The Royal Mail Share Price

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The BBC Just Never Know When To Call It A Day

Come to that, neither does David Jason. They are bringing back ‘Open All Hours’. Yes, you read that correctly, even though there is no Ronnie Barker. There IS no ‘Open All Hours’ without Ronnie Barker. Even if you call it … Continue reading

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Energy Companies – Yet Another Way That Take The Mick

If you are old enough then you will be able to remember when the gas and electric meters were in a cupboard or box under the stairs. They were safe there and the Meter-Reader man, they were all men, would … Continue reading

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