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Another Sunday Around Sunny Dorchester

Use the link to take you to the FULL GALLERY – LINK Here is just a taster:

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The Saturday Football Round-Up 30/08/2014

We’ve started a regular feature today called The Saturday Football Round-Up which will appear on an occasional basis. Think of it as your One-Stop for the results of the day, the league positions after those results and the main talking point-point … Continue reading

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How Odd That It Was Today And Only Today That The Terror Threat Was Raised

Now none of us here at TheField Towers imagines for one moment that you, dear reader, could be as cynical as we all are but there is a chance! Off-Shore Holiday-Boy Cameron was not ‘informed’ of any further increase in … Continue reading

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Douglas Carswell Calls The Cameron Bluff On Europe

Clacton is not represented at the House of Commons right now, but then neither is any of us here in TheField Office, because Douglas Carswell has heard enough of the Cameron Can-Can as old Off-Shore dances around on the head … Continue reading

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How Are Those Royal Mail Shares Doing These Days?

It’s been a while since we reported on these but today seemed a good day. They seem to be climbing in value again after their rather rapid drop just before the dividend payout. Naturally, any suggestion of something like a … Continue reading

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Is Boorish Mayor Of That-There London Trying To Be Funny?

So the Eton, Balliol College, Bullingdon Bully Boy, egocentric, self–obsessed Boorish, who does actually have a ‘job’, likes the look of a particular seat at the next Parliament. This would be for what he hopes will be his Erection in … Continue reading

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On A Quiet Newsday The BBC Report On The Mayor Of That-There London

You can tell it has been a Bank Holiday in England. Clearly, nobody in the BBC could be arsed to do anything but they still had hours of TV and radio to fill. What to do? What to do? So there … Continue reading

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A Sunday Drive Around Dorset Near To Dorchester

A Simple Sunday Drive

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Remind Us: How Long We Have Suffered The Coalition?

We reckon it is 4 years and 3 months and in all that time they have had a Secretary of State for Health. Currently the post is held by Jeremy Isa Hunt and he took over from the arrogant, smug … Continue reading

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The Police And Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election Farce…..Again!

These have been a constant source of amusement to us. A small sample of our links is listed at the bottom of this article. It has been the biggest, unmitigated, waste of public money this heaven awful coalition has inflicted … Continue reading

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