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Were These Two ‘Hacking’ Each Other All Day And All Night?

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Vince Cable May Have Lost All Credibility Today


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Rebekah Brooks Confesses All To David Cameron

Brooks was more than happy to confide in a very, very close friend. We were fortunate enough to be in earshot at the time and captured the whole incident.

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Ed Davey Finds It Very Easy To Switch

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Ed Davey Finally Gets Around To Doing Something

They were elected three and half years ago. That’s 3.5 years of utter inertia on the energy front. Finally Davey realises he might need to do something to keep his job but of course he has been planning this for months. … Continue reading

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Vince Cable Keeps Us Posted On The Royal Mail Share Price

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Well We Don’t Think There Is Anything Dodgy About It

We don’t care how many emails and tweets you send us because we do not see anything dodgy about Allan Cameron being on the defence team for Rebekah Brooks. She is entitled to have the best defence she can afford. Who is he … Continue reading

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If He Didn’t Like The Cover Of Private Eye Then We Could Be In Trouble

If You Are A Member Of The Jury Then DO NOT LOOK AT THIS  “Judge Mr Justice Saunders promises to get to the truth -“ We have had an email from a ‘DC’ asking us to stop this as the poor … Continue reading

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“A Joke Which, In The Circumstances Of Today, Is In Especially Bad Taste.”

So says Old Bailey judge Mr Justice Saunders. Yes m’lud, you are so right. (silly old git) Get Your Souvenir Issue Today!!!

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How Far Out Of His Depth Is Patrick Mcloughlin?

On Newsnight tonight Emily Maitlis showed what a complete toss-pot this poor git is. So out of his depth it was pathetic to watch. Still – he does like his trains.

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