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Big Garden Birdwatch Done – Thousands Join The RSPB Weekend

That’s it for this year and it seems nearly half a million took part recording which birds arrived in the garden. A tad too windy for many but warmer down in the south than you would expect for the last … Continue reading

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The Emirates FA Cup Results

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So Just How Sour Is Sour Faced Anna Sourface? This Sour

The really frightening thing is that she clearly has aspirations of being the leader! With that sour face? She clearly has a real problem with the protocol of The House. Something Bercow has tried to explain to her on no … Continue reading

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Facebook To Get New Looks And Likes

Ever been presented with bad news on Facebook and been frustrated that the only response available to you was ‘Like’? Well the Zucker-Boy has solved that one now. Soon you will be able to choose from 5, yes five, new … Continue reading

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Dodgy Plays His Old “Don’t Look Here, Look Over There” Trick For The Flock Of Press To Follow

You can imagine the scene. Dodgy Dave combing what’s left of his hair in one of the mirrors in his office while Sir Outback plans the latest diversion. Dodgy knows he is in for a damn good kicking in both … Continue reading

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So How Does Giddy Get Away With Allowing Google To Pay Just £130 Million?

The answer to that is pretty simple – because he couldn’t give a toss. He also gets away with it because we have the most neutered press any of us at TheField can ever remember. In the past they have been dismissive … Continue reading

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Cameron Will Tell MPs To Give Up On Their Expenses

MPs will be told to give up their expenses and make a contribution to the running of the Commons, under plans being considered by Dodgy David Cameron. A report on ways to make voluntary contributions is due in 2016. Historically, … Continue reading

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Can We Bring Back The Letter ‘T’? Fought Not!

Drives us up the wall at TheField. “I fort a fing and the fing was a fort!”  We here at TheField Towers blame that bloody awful Eastenders crap. We have a generation growing up who actually fink vay should say … Continue reading

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Barclays Premier League Table

Could Be A Few Jobs On The Line If This Keeps Up.

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How Is It That Politicians Can Never Get It Right?

They love to think they are ‘one of the people’. The current crop of Oxbridge millionaires couldn’t be any further removed. Even something as simple as drinking a pint of beer is a mystery to these social misfits. They may … Continue reading

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