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Scaramucci Sacked In Less Than 10 Days!

Tony Scaramucci is the latest to arrive at the White House who, before getting a set of Birthday, Easter and Christmas Card, is out on his ear! His last appearance was to present a reporter with full-on, critical appraisal of … Continue reading

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Worries Over Chicken & Beef Already And Now Scotch Whisky Is Feeling Uneasy

Fears are starting to grow that along with our chicken and beef being sold off to the Americans, Scotch whisky could be the next included in a deal by Creepy Fox. The fear is that any old strong, dark, cheap … Continue reading

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England Cricket Team Take The Tube To The Test With South Africa

Great to see the England cricket team taking the tube today like the rest of us would do. Not hidden away on a private coach but just getting on with it along with the fans. Wonderful to see the captain, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Tory Promise Exposed For The Porkie We All Guessed It Was

Back in February, when the Tories were just thinking about an election, they made lots of promises. One of them was that £415m would go to schools as part of a healthy-pupils capital programme, to pay for facilities that support … Continue reading

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Remember When Away-Day May Said That There Was No Magic Money Tree?

This is not what the mainstream media want to tell you. When May became acting-PM on 13 July 2016, she reshuffled many Cabinet positions and numerous Tory ministers unceremoniously got the boot or quit. But now government departments have released … Continue reading

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Simple Question To Two Groups Today As The World Seems To Be Wobbling

The two groups are two groups of voters. They are those who voted for Donny Dump in the USA and those who voted to leave the EU in our referendum. The question is very, very simple. Did any of you … Continue reading

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Away-Day May Really Knows How To ‘Live It Up’

We all feel sorry for poor old Phil. The dear old git has what is sure to feel like 3 very, very long weeks ahead of him with ‘laugh-a-minute’ Tess Away-Day. We can only begin to imagine what the jolly … Continue reading

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