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The Gold Hill Cheese Run Today At Shaftesbury, Dorset

Last week we brought you the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Race and this week it is the Gold Hill Cheese Race. It’s pretty simple really – you run along with a lump of cheese. If ONLY it were that simple! LINK … Continue reading

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Arsenal Win A Record 12th FA Cup

Arsenal became the most successful club in FA Cup history as they outclassed Aston Villa at Wembley to earn Arsene Wenger a record-equalling sixth triumph. Arsenal’s 12th final victory was never in doubt as they dominated with a magnificent display, … Continue reading

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Cameron – Who Couldn’t Remember Which Team He ‘Supports’ – Claims Blatter Shouldn’t Run Football

Dodgy-Dave has stuck his nose into the FIFA debate and said that Blatter must resign, adding “the sooner that happens the better”. This is the same Dodgy-Dave who couldn’t remember if it was West Ham or Aston Villa who where his … Continue reading

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Septic Blatter Looks To Hang On

You can’t blame him – he’s made an absolute fortune over his deals with world football. Naturally, he knows nothing of any corruption that was going on. Yeah, right. He’s the perfect role-model of our own Dodgy-Dave who adopts the … Continue reading

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The Opening Of Parliament And The Man With A Hat On A Stick

Now this is a job that nobody tells you about. Seems he only works when it’s the State Opening of Parliament and now we have a fixed-term that’s only 5 times in five years! It takes a great deal of … Continue reading

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So What Load Of Cak Is Cameron Going To Try And Palm Us Off With?

So what script has old Liz been given to read out tomorrow? Here we go – EU Referendum – Dodgy-Dave believes he can renegotiate the terms of membership with the EU. When he gets his way he’ll let us vote in … Continue reading

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Cooper’s Hill Annual Cheese-Rolling Race

After years of the great Cheese-Rolling Race in Gloucestershire it was cancelled in 2010. So up springs the Unofficial Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Race! Have some of that Health & Safety! A couple of thousand spectators watched as the 8lb wheel … Continue reading

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