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Cameron’s Green Credentials Looking Doubtful Yet Again

Nearly 2,000 electric cars have been bought so far this year, double the number in 2013. One of the reasons for this is the belief that running an electric car will work out cheaper than a petrol or diesel car. … Continue reading

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Tributes Pour In For The Soul Legend Bobby Womack

The wonderful Bobby Womack passed away on Friday leaving behind a back catalogue that others can only ever dream of coming near to. The poor man had suffered for many years from both cancer and Alzheimer’s yet still managed to … Continue reading

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BT Broadband Outage Apology Just Not Good Enough These Days

BT users were unable to connect to the Interweb this morning, inconveniencing some 7 million users. A spokesman said, “We’re sorry for any trouble this may have caused.” Now in the past this would not have been a great issue, … Continue reading

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What A Wonderful Day For Our Legendary Leader

Good old Off-Shore Cameron really stuck-it to those Euros! Left them with a right old bloody nose and good hiding they will not forget in a hurry….. it says here in a Press Release from Lynton Crosby out of Central … Continue reading

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Rebekah Brooks Confounds A Jury Of Just Eleven

The Ginger has revealed to us here at The Field how she evaded gaol. She told us, “I didn’t mind dumping Coulson in the cak, he was a lousy lay anyway!” She went on to tell us, “I found that … Continue reading

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Suárez: All That Needs To Be Decided Is, ‘How Long Is The Ban?’

What a vile, nasty git….again. LINK

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If You Are Out Hacking Then You’ll “Need Friends”

Funny old world. In the lyrics of that old Max Bygraves tune, “You Need Friends!” There are a lot of people who claim, “It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you know.” We’ve no idea what relevance that is to anything … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Knitting Too Heavy For Lamp-Posts At The Tour de France

Seems the lamp-posts around Cambridge are made of stronger stuff than those around Yorkshire. No longer can the cry of, “Southern Softie” be levelled at those in Cambridge. LINK Seems the knitted bunting that had been prepared for the Tour … Continue reading

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