England v South Africa: Dawid Malan 78 Wins T20 Series

It was all change in the England dugout and a few of those who had paid good money for a ticket might have wondered who they were watching. They did come good in the end though.





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Glastonbury Festival 2017: Then Before You Realise It’s Sunday

Takes ages to arrive and seems to be over in the blink of an eye. Here is what is on Sunday.


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Glastonbury Festival 2017: Now What Is On Saturday?

As Glastonbury moves on in the fine weather here’s what is on offer during Saturday on the main stage.


UPDATE: The Foo Fighters! Absolutely awesome performance. More, more, more!


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Glastonbury Festival 2017

Hard to believe but it really is that time of year already. Sure, it’s not really what it was ten years ago, just look at the cost these days, but it is still a musical focal point in the year. Given the crap year we have had so far, we really do need something to brighten us all up.


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Eddie Mair Pins Boorish Johnson’s Arse To The Wall Yet Again!

This one is hilarious! Boorish is reduced, on several occasions, to the bumbling buffoon we know that he is. You can tell right from the start that he is struggling as you can hear him flicking through his papers, read ‘his script’, trying to find what it is he is supposed to say!

It gets even funnier later on as the Bullingdon Bully Boy, who so obviously thinks it is his right to be Prime Minister, tries to defend Tess May-Day and offer her his support.

Eddie does a brilliant job and just keeps ripping strips off of him and pinning them up on the wall!!

The LINK will take you to the whole hour and you need to slide is up to 25:50 to hear the start of the Calamity-Clown and it ends at 35:40.

Boris Johnson is interviewed by Eddie Mair on BBC1's The Andrew Marr Show

Boorish Struggles To Make Any Sense

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The Lions Give The Chiefs A Good Spanking Before The First Test With The All Blacks

The result here makes no difference to the match on Saturday but it makes us all feel really good today! Be honest, a 34 points to just 6 is a damn good spanking!

Jack Nowell starred in the victory crossing over for two tries. Dan Biggar enjoyed three conversion and two penalties. Jared Payne joined in with a try and indiscipline by the Chiefs resulted in a penalty try and an automatic seven points.

The only down side from the Lions was Joe Marler getting ten minutes in the sin-bin for some unnecessary late tackling.

That’s pretty much it now until Saturday. Selection meetings will take place and players, squad members and fans will just have to sit back and wait for the ‘white smoke’ to go up on who has got onto the park in that first Test wearing a Lions shirt.


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Examiners Ignore ICT Teachers And Are Then Surprised At The Drop In Take-Up Rate

Whatever subject it is it all goes back to, “What Are Schools For?” Those responsible for exams in ICT are starting to realise that it might have been an idea to talk to classroom teachers of the subject. Entries have dropped from 67,800 to 58,600 and look likely to drop even more in the coming years.

The drawback of the GCSE was, as every teacher would tell you, it was a Microsoft Office course. Designed to make somebody very confident using the software found in that package. The thing is, at GCSE level, do you really need students to know any more? The blindingly obvious answer to that is ‘no’!

All the students need ICT for is to use as a tool in their work and in their studying of more relevant subjects to them. Be honest, what do they actually need coding for?

Unfortunately the Anoraks had to get involved. Now they have their place. At A Level and beyond they are essential but not at GCSE. The Anoraks have looked to make it ‘harder’, whatever that means, but all it has done is put students off. Very worrying is that it has put off a lot more girls than boys.

Some of us here at The Tower have been involved with computers since the early 70’s. Yes, we really are that old. They are amazing things, mind stretching, world changing and fun! Over time too many involved in education have sought to remove every element of fun from learning. “If you can’t measure it then it’s not worth doing” has been a hideous mantra brought in by first Thatcher, then Blair and expanded upon by everyone since. Someone put the fun back before it’s too late.


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