Is Donny Dump A Serial Liar Or Is He Just Thick?

Well here in the office we suspect he’s actually both. Bad enough all the claptrap he tweets and talks in the US but every now and again he imagines he knows what it going on overseas. It could be funny if it wasn’t so clueless coming from a nation’s leader.

Donny saw a report that claimed crime in the UK had risen by 13% yet he ignored all the explanation that followed to explain the figure. His tiny mind looked for a reason that would suit him and he decided to link to “radical Islamic terror”. Where the hell did that come from because it wasn’t in the original report?

Here’s his tweet.

made up uk crime

Dump’s tweet used data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)’s latest crime update, which reported a 13% increase across all offences in the 12 months to June but these only covered England and Wales. Their statistics made no reference to “radical Islamic terror”.

When it comes to ‘Fake News’ then Donny Dump is the master!

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The Conservative Government Really Is Falling Down

An inquiry, yes, yet another one, has been set-up after further evidence of a collapse in the Tory government came to light. A large lump of stone fell off Parliament building during the restoration and then smashed into a car below!

Had the car been occupied there is little doubt that they would not have survived the impact.

Can somebody please check that there are still ravens at The Tower of London and that they are all feeling well?

ravens and slab

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May-Day Forced To Scrap Universal Credit 55p A Minute Charges – Eventually

We all knew it would be a disaster. It was the illegitimate off-spring of IDS and that hideous Esther McVile. It was never going to amount to anything remotely human. It was then taken over by that shit-for-brains David Dork. It just got worse. Then May-Day jumped up and decided she would, initially, defend it.

When you are looking for examples for heartless, lacking any soul and devoid of empathy with the human race then you really do not need to look any further.

It is hard to believe that someone in that Tory cesspit actually thought it was acceptable that people who, by definition, would be financially challenged would be able to wait 6 weeks before getting any financial support.

Just to kick those already struggling some evil bastard then thought that it would be a good idea that if those claiming had a problem they ring in for help and pay 55p a minute to be left listening to Four Seasons for 20 minutes!

The Nasty Party? Oh yes, they are the Nasty Party. A collection of some of the most selfish, self-obsessed, ego maniacs with no heart or soul ever put together. Heaven help us!

thinks its funny

The Witch Actually Thinks It’s Funny!

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English Teams Do Well In Europe

English sides did well in the Champions League tonight. Liverpool just couldn’t miss!

3 good results

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Sean Hughes: Comedian, actor and writer dies aged 51

Hard to believe that somebody so young could die of a heart attack.

The BBC website summed it up –

In 1990, Sean Hughes – then 24 – became the youngest person to win the coveted Perrier Award – now known as the Edinburgh Comedy Award – at the Edinburgh Festival.

“I was told that I had won the Perrier award as I walked off stage after another sweaty performance,” Hughes later wrote in The Guardian. “The judging panel rushed on to the stage to congratulate me.

“‘Will it go to his head?’. I doubt it. If the panel had made it 10 minutes earlier, they would have seen two people walking out of my award-winning show.”

Nica Burns, director of the awards, remembered him as “a huge talent” and “a very good writer” who had “instinctive timing from day one”.


sean hughs

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Premier League Table – Manchester Lead The Way

The Manchester clubs are starting to pull away! OK, so it is early days, but they are both into 20 points. Palace have at least broken their duck but it has made no difference to the look of the bottom of the table!

Table 15th

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A Few Premier League Managers Left With A Red Face!

Well three of them certainly had their day ruined today. None of them could have imagined the day would end quite the way it has!

One or two managers might even be wondering if they will still be at the same club come this Christmas.

results 14th

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