Tragedy In Barcelona As Reports Indicate There Are 13 Dead Following A Van Attack

Las Ramblas is the latest region to be added to the growing list of attacks carried out as a terror attack. Reports are that at least 13 have lost their lives after a van was deliberately driven into the crowds on the pavements. Many, many more have been injured.

It follows on from similar attacks in Nice, Berlin and London.

According to early reports, the vehicle sped down the centre of the 1km-long road, which is usually packed with people, until it hit a newspaper kiosk and stopped.

The answer to any of this is not that idiot Donny Dump.

Las Ramblas attack

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A Serious First-World Problem!

The BBC is moving its new cooking show to avoid a clash with The Great British Bake Off when it launches on Channel 4.

Yes, these are the things we need to worry about here in the country with the 7th largest economy in the world. How dare Channel 4 who poached Bake Off from the BBC now schedule the new series to open at 20:00 BST on Tuesday 29 August.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown is on BBC Two was to be at the same time on Tuesdays. It has now been forced to move to Thursdays!!

What has ticked the BBC off is that Channel 4 have decided to move Bake Off from its previous Wednesday slot and that this would be a “surprise” for viewers who “may see this as a cynical move”.

Let’s have it right – these are two utterly pointless TV programs where really ‘Nice’ people get to cook in lavish kitchens and the audience is expected to go ‘oh and agh’ at their amazing culinary skills.

Only a society suffering chronic obesity could have a programme where they judge food. People here and around the world go to bed hungry but we have TV shows where one dish is judged to be better than another. Some people would simply be delighted if they actually had a dish a day.


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Time To Start Thinking About Rugby Internationals

It all starts up this Saturday and these are the first few fixtures – what a start: Aussies against the All Blacks.

first fixtures

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Still Not Convinced Donny Dump Is Doolally?

We’ll leave you with this one – we have a saying over here; “If he’s right in the head then I don’t want to be!”

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Donny Dump: The World Is Starting To Appreciate What A Very Nasty Little Man He Is

He can play the part of a loud bully but there is nothing to him. He is empty. Vacuous even. Pretty damn spineless as well as his dodgy knee come bad foot draft-dodging shows.

He prays on the weak. Those who have no financial clout and those with weak brains of little thought. He uses them to satisfy his own ego because as a human being he is extremely weak.

His world revolves around money and buying people to say they like him and that they will work for him as long as he keeps paying them. He feeds his supporters with promises that he knows full well he can never fulfil but when he fails he’ll find somebody to blame and scapegoat.

When the shit hits the fan it is never the fault of Donny Dump, never. He will always point the finger away towards someone else or some other group. He really is a gutless, spineless individual.

He’d feel quite at home in a cabinet put together by Tess May.


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Premier Results For The First Saturday

What we all forget in the few weeks they are away is the complete and utter illiterate garbage so many of the ex-player analysts come out with as they try to form words into something close to a sentence. Good grief, they really are bloody dense!

12 th results

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It’s All Kicked-Off!

The PREMIER LEAGUE has kicked-off after it’s very short break. Already the refs do not look any better.

August 12th

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