So What HAS Amber Rude Been Doing For The Last Two Years?

Oh dear, this is a tad awkward. Seems BOTH the Home Office and Number 10 knew about the problems of the Windrush generation back in 2016. They knew because the Barbados government told them.

The best the grovelling Amber Rude could come up with was that she “bitterly” regretted not recognising the “systemic” problem sooner.

She said, “I look back with hindsight and I’m surprised I did not see the shape of it sooner, I bitterly, deeply regret that I didn’t see it as more than individual cases that had gone wrong that needed addressing. I didn’t see it as a systemic issue until very recently.”

The real hoot is that there is a new Tory smug git involved in this utter shambles and disgrace. In 2016 Philip Limp-Dick Hammond was the Foreign Secretary. He was told by Caribbean ministers about immigrants facing deportation despite having lived in the UK for most of their lives, and a report about their concerns was passed to the Home Office, which was led at the time by none other than Tess May. Now there’s a thing!

Funny how this entire shambles always ends up with May at the centre. Does she have ANY conscience or dignity?


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England Rugby Captain Forced To Miss Summer Tour With Concussion

England captain Dylan Hartley has been ruled out of the summer tour of South Africa. The 32-year-old also missed a large chunk of the season in 2016 after twice suffering concussion.

Hartley sustained a delayed concussion after England’s defeat by Ireland at Twickenham in March and is understood to still be experiencing “good days and bad days” during his recovery.

His Northampton team-mate Rob Horne was forced to retire this week after suffering life-changing nerve damage to an arm during the Premiership game against Leicester.


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St George’s Day

On the day when every Englishman celebrates what it is to be English we thought it was time to reflect on what that means. So we are pleased to point out just what it is to be quintessentially English.

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  • We love our curry
  • We love our lager
  • We love our hand-made cars
  • We love our Royal Family
  • We love to sing ‘Swing Low’ at Twickenham
  • We love to dance
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Cup Finals Decided

Chelsea beat Southampton today to set a classic FA Cup final between
Manchester United v Chelsea
on the 19th May.
Racing 92 beat Munster to set up their European Champions Cup final between
Leinster V Racing 92
On the 12th May.

fa european

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Alexis Sanchez Keeps Up His Record At Wembley

Alexis Sanchez just can’t stop from scoring every time he goes to Wembley. He did it today to draw Man Utd level and was awarded man-of-the-match as Ander Herrera went on to score the winner against Spurs and take United to the FA Cup final.

Jose Mourinho was seen to smile – well sort of!


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Premier League Fixtures

Football matches to keep us going over the weekend.


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The Hunt ‘Got A Bulk Discount’ On Luxury Flats Bought From A Tory Donor Claim

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner is probing the Health Secretary’s failure to declare his purchase of 7 luxury the flats

The Hunt allegedly got a “bulk discount” on 7 luxury flats he purchased from none other than a Tory donor!

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner is now probing the Health Secretary’s failure to correctly declare his purchase of the 7 flats.

The Hunt set up Mare Pond Properties in September to run the flats in Southampton.

The 7 flats were developed by a firm owned by Nicolas James Roach who has given more than £50,000 to The Hunt’s constituency office.

The Guardian said a source close to The Hunt claimed he received a substantial “bulk discount”.

A Roach spokesperson said all sales were at “open market value” and The Hunt’s insisted he paid “market rates”.

Caught with his trousers down The Hunt has apologised to Parliamentary authorities for “honest admin mistakes”. This ‘shit-for-brains’ is supposed to be running OUR NHS yet forgot he’d bought 7 luxury flats!

Oh course it wasn’t the fault of The Hunt, it was down to his ‘accountant’!  What a spineless little shit The Hunt is. It’s all been covered-up though because the Cabinet Office are clear that there has been no breach of the ministerial code.

Well that’s alright then! What an utter shower!


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