Tess Gives Dodgy And Giddy A Right Good Kick In The Meat & Two Veg

With Dodgy-Dave running away with his tail between his legs he was hoping to keep in touch through his best chum. Tess soon put an end to that idea as Giddy Osborne was promptly sacked the first chance she had!

Tess then set about distancing herself from the Cameron Cronies by totally revising the plans concerning austerity and kicking the much announced Northern Powerhouse into the long grass.

Now she has set Limp-Dick Hammond with the task of dismantling what the Dodgy Team thought of as their highest achievement – The Help To Buy Scheme.

It probably didn’t help that very quickly it became known as The Help To Buy To Let Scheme as people managed to find ways of using the scheme to buy a second home. Just ask Peter Bone MP what he was up to. LINK All perfectly innocent – obviously!

Some parts of the Help to Buy scheme – the equity loan scheme and the ISA bank account – will continue to operate. However the guaranteed mortgage of the scheme will not be extended after this year.

To be fair the scheme was always considered controversial by property experts because of fears it could contribute to an unsustainable housing bubble by boosting demand for homes without raising supply. An idea that was way-over the head of poor Giddy!

We can’t imagine that the as yet unwritten new book by Dodgy-Dave has a space reserved on the Tess bookshelf – give it a week and just pick it up in the Book Bin at any supermarket.


Those Were The Days – Hey Dodgy??

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Let’s See How Willing The BBC Are To Provide The Names Of Their Over-Paid Performers

The BBC love to tell the public how much a Doctor earns, how much a nurse, a teacher and even a politician earn. They fall over themselves to tell us how much a Premier League footballer earns but they have never been keen to tell us what THEY earn. Given they are funded by a legally enforced TV-Tax it’s a bit of a bloody cheek they refused to reveal their wages. Well now they are going to be required to provide the names and the amounts involved of those earning more than £150,000.

It appears that there are some 109 individuals at the BBC who will be required to declare their details. It seems that 7 of those earn between £500,000 and £5 Million a year. That’s £5 Million of our TV-Tax.

Karen Bradley MP believes that licence fee payers have a right to know where their money goes. By making the BBC more transparent she believes it will help deliver savings that then can be invested in even more ‘great’ programmes.

As you would expect the BBC came out with the usual load of old bollox as they try to defend the indefensible. So little faith do they have in their performers they have claimed that this information will allow competitors to poach their best-known names. That does, of course, presuppose anybody would actually want them having already had a chance to see them perform!

Can’t wait to see the rush for contracts of £149,999.99 plus benefits!


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Sam Allardyce Shown The Door

Allardyce was appointed 22nd July amid a blaze of patriotic fever. He proudly announced to a group of England fans hungry for success, “It’s Time To Deliver!” The 61-year-old signed an initial two-year contract with a view to potentially extending that deal until 2020. His first task was to qualify for Russia 2018 and he selected his first squad towards the end of August for the World Cup qualifier against Slovakia in Trnava on 4 September. England won the match 0 – 1 with the last kick of the match.

Tonight it appears that those dreams of Russia are all bolloxed. In a nutshell it seems he has lost his dream job, on £3 million a year, for discussing a dodgy deal centring on a payment of £400,000.

It seems Allardyce met with undercover reporters posing as businessman before he took charge of his first England training session.

During the meeting, which was recorded on camera, it is alleged Allardyce said it was “not a problem” to bypass rules on third-party player ownership and claimed he knew of agents who were “doing it all the time”.

An FA statement was released which said Allardyce’s conduct “was inappropriate” and that Gareth Southgate will take temporary charge.

What a greedy git.


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The First Debate To Save The World

Here at TheField Towers we are staggered. Staggered that in a country that recognises it has some 250,000,000 inhabitants it comes down to this. With that vast number to choose from the final two in the race are Hillary Clinton and, yes it really does take some believing, Donny Dump Trump.

Let’s be honest, our system of election is shite but, what on earth are they doing in the US? God Save The World!


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The Premier League Table

West Ham might have a nice new stadium but the fans were leaving with 15 minutes to go and they have forgotten how to win {or shoot on goal!}


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Premier Football Results

Some right-old uppers and downers this week? Liverpool march on, Arsenal see their London rivals off and Manchester United remind themselves how to win against the Premier Champions.


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Looks Like, Yet Again, The Hunt Struggles With The Truth

We all know by now that Jerry Dimwit really does think 5 = 7. We also know he is so ‘full of it’ that he continues with this myth. It has now emerged that his pledge to increase mental health funding appears to have been broken. Seems 57% of the clinical groups involved in mental health are planning to reduce the amount of their budget that they currently spend.

This flies in the face of the claim made by The Hunt that these clinical groups “are committed to increasing the proportion of their funding that goes into mental health”.

Campaigners for Mental Health, said: “The Government must urgently step in and prevent a dangerous situation developing. Time and time again Ministers have promised that mental health spending would increase. Yet for the third year in a row this has not happened, with a majority of local areas planning to spend less of their budget on mental health.”

Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns at mental health charity Mind, said: “It’s shameful that so many Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are reducing their mental health spending year after year.”

Yet again we have evidence that the tory tosh claiming “the NHS is safe in our hands” is just as full of cak as it has always been.


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