How Dreadful! Donny Dump’s Star On Hollywood Is Destroyed!

Hard to believe but somebody has taken a sledgehammer to the star of Donny Dump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and smashed it into a million pieces! Why? Why would somebody do such a thing?

A man claimed he wanted to auction the star off so as to raise funds for all the women who have accused The Dump of being a nasty little perv.

It’s not the first time the talent-less chancer has received unwelcome attention. The star has been surrounded by a wall in the past to rip the piss out of him over his ridiculous idea of building a wall between America and Mexico.

You Tube also had clips of people pissing on it as well as painting all over it. Fortunately it seems that the star is likely to be replaced so there will still be an opportunity to heap even more scorn on the absurd figure that is Donny Dump.


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The 1% Get Their Own Way With A New Private Runway At Heathrow

What a relief for the 1%ers! They won’t have to hang around waiting for a flight home in order to reduce their taxes in the UK. This decision must have saved them millions.

All those high-powered meetings that could all be done by video conferencing can now go ahead because ‘Face-2-Face’ is so much better. It also means they can run up a tax-deductible expenses bill! So handy.

You can bet there will be all manner of figures and bullshit thrown around confirming how good, or bad, this decision is so we’ve come up with a simple check –

Where will the flights in and out of the new runway be going to and coming from?

If the runway is really to benefit the UK then the majority with go to and from:

London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, London Stansted, London Luton, Edinburgh, Birmingham International, Glasgow International, Bristol International, Liverpool John Lennon, Newcastle, Belfast International, East Midlands, Aberdeen Dyce, London City, Leeds Bradford, George Best Belfast City, Southampton, Jersey and Glasgow Prestwick.

What makes us think it is far more likely they will simply go to New York, Moscow, Tuscany, Monaco, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney? It’s only the 1%, who live nowhere near the flight path, who want the bloody thing!


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The Gollum Gove Education Masterplan Is Working

Six years ago, maybe a couple more, we wrote a little essay about the way that education was going. At the time we were in daily contact with the education system. At the time many people told us that we didn’t know what we were talking about.

At its core was the move to downgrade the classroom teacher to the point they would no longer be necessary. The point would be reached where a school had a Super-Head who was responsible for a number of school sites. These would be paid eye watering sums of money in the same way that a CEO of a large organisation is currently paid. They would not need to have ANY teaching experience.

A Super-Head would appoint Heads of Faculty at each site and these would control the education at that site. These would be responsible for those who actually came into contact with the students. Where a number of classes of the same subject might go on simultaneously they might have a Head of Department such as in English and maths. This is the grade at which Teacher-Training ends as does the term Teacher.

The Face-To-Face with the students happens with Classroom Assistants. These will have had, at most, a year at College and a year of supervision before being able to call themselves a Classroom Assistant.

They will pick up their teaching pack at the start of the day, supervise the lessons they are directed to that day, then deliver their report and any student work at the end of the day. They may get contact with the same class each time but this wouldn’t necessarily be the case. A sort of elevated Supply Teacher as their contract would tend to be longer than that of a current supply teacher.

So what has that got to do with anything? A report just published shows that nearly a third of new teachers who started in 2010 had thrown in the towel by 2015. It will be interesting to see how much longer the remaining two thirds last.

This means there is a constant churn going on in our schools as staff also leave at the other end of the age profile. If this keeps up then they are going to run out of teachers. That’s where the plan above comes into to play. You don’t NEED that many teachers anymore.

Don’t moan – you voted for them, not us!

Michael Gove

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Premier League Table

Well Jose Mourinho got a right spanking on his return to Stanford Bridge going down 4-0! At least his near neighbours could only manage a 1-1 draw with Southampton.



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Premier League Results

Not much happened goal-wise today so maybe it will be fireworks with the two games on Sunday.Well, can but hope.

On a tangent – let’s stick it up the bum of The Scum. They sponsor a TV awards night and it would be great to vote for Gary Lineker to win the presenter award. The link is: HERE.

Make sure you put a vote down for most of the categories as they may sling-out those with just a single vote. Thanks to those who do from the team at TheField.


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The Tragedy At Aberfan 50 Years Ago

On a beautiful October morning 50 years ago lives would be lost and others were to be altered forever because businessmen refused to listen to the people who actually knew what they were doing.

On 21 October 1966 coal waste from a mine destroyed the lives of 116 children and 28 adults. It was all over in the blink of an eye but the impact has lasted all this time and it will not end anytime soon.

As if all this horror wasn’t already enough for those left to grieve the National Coal Board then denied all responsibility for the negligence shown by them. An inquiry eventually branded them for making misleading statements but nobody was ever brought to court to explain their role in what happened.

Over £1.5 million was raised by charity donations from all over the world to help towards rebuilding the community in Aberfan. Incredible, and dishonestly, the Government skimmed £150,000 off the top of this {a small fortune back in 1966} in their much publicised move to make other similar tips safe. Many referred to it as being just about as uncomfortably close as you can get to robbing the dead.

You would think something like this could never happen again. Well, just have a think – locals ignored so as fracking can go ahead, delays in setting up an inquiry into Orgreave, the farcical goings on at the Child Abuse Inquiry and, sadly, how can we ever forget what happened around Hillsborough? To rub salt into the wounds, the high and mighty are allowed to carry on, keep their jobs and to look forward to a very healthy pension.

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The Educational Secretary Finally Takes Notice Of People Who Actually Know What They Doing

It is always difficult for a clueless politician to admit they know bugger-all about a subject. Gollum Gove was certainly so pig-ignorant he imagined he knew more than the professionals. Nicky Cak-For-Brains Morgan wasn’t a lot better.

It has to be said that at TheField we have never been impressed with Justine Greening – a bit of a lite-weight {to be kind}. She has impressed us here though.

The ‘Plan’ was that any child who failed their tests at the end of their First School education would carry that badge up to their new Secondary School where they would have to re-sit the same exams. Many pointed out that this wasn’t a lot different from labelling some children as Grammar School pupils and sending them to one school while the dross went somewhere else.

Anybody who claims this feeling of failure didn’t weigh heavily of the pupils at the Secondary Modern is telling porkies and probably wasn’t around at the time.

Greening has scrapped this absurd idea. She has also realised that it would help everyone if she also assured teachers no new tests would be introduced before 2018.

She has also agreed that spelling and grammar tests for 7-year-olds will remain non-compulsory for schools next year.

All we can do is hope that this new level of enlightenment extends to include the plans for forcing Grammar Schools on the country thereby sending us back to the 1960’s.


Let Us Hope This Old Tosh Has Been Dropped As Well

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