Theresa May Exposed By Andrew Neil And Looking Weak And Wobbly

Theresa U-Turn May was pinned down on her Manifesto U-Turn by Andrew Neil. This was before the latest U-Turn of snatching back a child’s one hot meal of the day for a cold breakfast costing less than 7p a day!

Her manifesto is disintegrating before her eyes and here we can see her getting her knickers in a right old twist!

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Already The May Promise Of A Breakfast Is In Doubt

Can she be trusted to be honest about anything? Last week she looked to snatch away the only hot meal some children would see in the day with a bowl of cold economy cornflakes and milk. Today it appears that even this replacement is in jeopardy. TheField Link

Having pledged in their manifesto to provide a breakfast for all 4.62 million primary school children in England it seems nobody bothered to check how much it would cost. This was to be a free breakfast up to the age of 11.

The wonder boys at tory central believed this move to a breakfast would save millions as a breakfast alone would be just £60m. The trouble is that if you actually take the trouble to break it all down that means they are funding a breakfast to the tune of 6.8p. Under 7p for a breakfast? Yum, yum!

Experts have said that in reality at least three times that amount would be needed in order to provide a healthy meal for all 4.62 million primary school children across the country. 

Backtracking on previous statements, the tories are now refusing to confirm the correct amount set out in the plans.

Education Datalab analysis confirmed that even if only half the nation’s primary school children were to take up the offer, the meals would have to cost less than 13.6p each.

After some serious economists took a look at the issue they decided that overall it was far more likely to cost around £400m – all money well spent even if May doesn’t know her arse from her elbow when it comes to finance.

If, heaven forbid, May-Day and her troopers win the election we all know what will happen. They will ‘fund’ a breakfast to the tune of 10p a day and the schools will have to pick-up the remaining costs taking funding away from classroom education. Trust a tory? Our fat, hairy arses!


Some Chance!!

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The Manchester Arena Explosion

British police have reported that 22 people including some children were killed in a suicide attack carried out by one man after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on Monday.


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“Strong & Stable” My Arse – Clueless & Spineless More Like It!

The thing to remember with all of this is that May-Day did not have to call an election. Every other party thought it wouldn’t come along for another three years. She called it so, in theory, she had a head start in all of this. Heaven help the poor old woman if she was any slower out of the blocks!!

Her secret planning has resulted in total chaos. If it involved anything other than running our country it would be funny. Given that it is about runnibg our country then it is a bloody disgrace.

From the get-go she has had her head up her arse – she actually believes all the sycophants that she constantly surrounds herself with. She has no eye on the real world and hasn’t had one for over 40 years. She is utterly clueless.

To then compound this with her reluctance to meet anybody who could be described as even remotely ‘the general public’ just emphasises how spineless she is as well.

Despite of all this she still thinks she can negotiate a great Brexit Deal for us. Some bloody chance!!

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That’s The Premier League Table For Another Year

Just the FA Cup to go now.

21st may

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Aviva Premiership Semi Finals Decided By Last Minute Tries.

Exeter 18 : 16 Saracens
Wasps 21: 20 Leicester

Saracens must have thought they had made it to the final. On the 76th minute they were put ahead by Mike Ellery giving then hope of consecutive domestic and European titles. Then up popped Sam Simmonds who was forced over the line by a maul on the move that seemed to include most of the inhabitants of Exeter in it!

In the other match Leicester must have thought that, despite all their problems this year, they had made it to the final. Here it was Josh Basset who ran in on the wing in the 78th minute to ensure that Wasps reached their first Premiership final in nine years.

josh bassett breaks leicester hearts

Josh Bassett Scores The Winning Try

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Why Does It Feel Like The Media Are Just Shrugging Their Shoulders Over Tory Lack Of Costings?

Probably because that is exactly what it does look like. May-Day and her windbag Hammond have produced a fairy tale that they are trying to pass off as a manifesto. None of it is costed but one thing is very clear about it – its cuts for plebs like you and us here.

The media go into forensic-economics with every other party but when it comes to the Nasty Party they just accept any old cak they are told. Of course the big advantage for the Nasties is that if you don’t cost anything nobody knows for sure just how bad they will be hit until it is all too late.

You are left wondering just how stupid you would need to be to actually vote for any of these nasty chancers? We guess we will find out come 8th June.


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