The lure of the Cup Final draws ever closer.


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Two Giant Killers make it through to the next round and a third is still in there fighting.

Still three matches to go so let’s look out for even more upsets.


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Living In The Middle Of Dorchester Is Only For The Well Heeled

On Thursday councillors decided that they didn’t want any riffraff living in a new housing development in the middle of town and voted to make sure that out of 185 homes not one of them needed to be affordable.

There are rules about providing affordable housing amongst new properties but it was decided not to apply these. Seems the developers persuaded the councillors that due to the nature of the site, make of that what you will, it meant an affordable allocation would not be viable.

This was justified by Tory councillor Horsington who said, “The whole committee is regretful that there is no provision for affordable housing within the development. However, we are satisfied that the financial viability assessment has been meticulously conducted.” Yeah, right.

The developer, City & Country, and the district council came up with a good spin saying the scheme could not “financially support any affordable housing” because of the “high costs associated with developing this congested brown field site in a conservation area”. Looks like a nice little stitch up from here at TheField.


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Donny Dump Reads Out A Message Prepared For Him By Those Who Are Really In Charge

You wonder who is really pulling his strings. Pretty obvious he had nothing to do with text involved in this ‘speech’ as his eyes remain glued to his written notes. Handwritten by him by any chance?

It’s only been a month but already Donny is looking very unstable. You have to wonder if he will last the full four years before it all unravels in his face. Pretty good going for a bloke with fake hair and a fake tan.

Given the nature of his ‘supporters’ you have to worry how a backlash like that might be resolved.

UPDATE: So who has removed this video?


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It’s the first year of the Bonus Points but so far it doesn’t seem to have made a great deal of difference. Time will tell.


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You Can Actually See The Moment When Nutty Nuttall Realises His Myth Is Up

If you watch very closely you can actually see his eye twitching. It goes just as he realises that his website has been rumbled. It’s nothing to do with him, naturally, and he knew nothing about it.

Even if that were true, the idea that somebody looking to stand as an MP wouldn’t check their own website for its accuracy just beggars belief! What else would he vote on without ever wondering what the issues were?

You can almost hear the Returning Officer announcing, “Nutty Nuttall – Lost deposit”.

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Ken Loach Gives Tess And Her Cronies Both Barrels – Point Blank

Ken Loach didn’t mince his words in his acceptance speech at the BAFTAs. He was awarded Best Film for his masterpiece “I, Daniel Blake” and took the opportunity to point out what a truly Nasty Party Tess Mayday is the so-called ‘leader’ of.

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