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Examiners Ignore ICT Teachers And Are Then Surprised At The Drop In Take-Up Rate

Whatever subject it is it all goes back to, “What Are Schools For?” Those responsible for exams in ICT are starting to realise that it might have been an idea to talk to classroom teachers of the subject. Entries have … Continue reading

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How Quickly Is The So-Called Golfer, Donny Dump, Losing The Plot?

To show just how ‘big & tough’ he is, Donny Dump ordered the dropping of the MOAB bomb in eastern Afghanistan. In the typically understated USA fashion, this bomb is referred to as “the mother of all bombs”. It weighs … Continue reading

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Now Have Your Ordnance Survey Map In 3D As They Go Digital

Ordnance Survey have now produced a new digital tool that allows you to plan a route in 2D and see how it looks in stunning 3D. This could really make an amazing difference for those going walking and cycling. It … Continue reading

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When Sir Tim Berners-Lee Speaks The World Needs To Take Notice

If you don’t know who Sir Tim is then we do wonder how you ever managed to read this! He is The Master; the man who invented the World Wide Web. Oh yes, he is a very, very special individual. … Continue reading

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Nasty Party Agree To A Rise In The TV-Tax From April

As a big thank-you from Tess May-Day for doing as they are told the BBC have been told that they can increase the TV-Tax. Of course, as it is a Flat Tax, the increase means little to all of her … Continue reading

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Robots Could Replace 250,000 Public Sector Workers

Robots and computers could replace almost 250,000 public sector workers over the next 15 years, improving efficiency and saving billions of pounds, if they are allowed to according to Alexander Hitchcock. It is also believed that a further 90,000 NHS … Continue reading

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The Myth Of The Savings You Will Make With Your New Smart Meter

Every time a pointless politician comes on to defend the introduction of a smart meter all we hear is the one line – “it will help the consumer save money”. The usual utter tosh we have all come to expect. … Continue reading

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