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Damian Green: Classic Tory ‘Duck & Dive’ And Find Somebody To Blame

We’ve seen it so many time before. When a Tory is up to their neck in shite then the ‘Duck & Dive’ team are called out to throw in a dead cat. Porno lover Damian Green {alleged}, who’s computer was … Continue reading

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Why do people still think the Earth is flat?

Two reasons for that. One is that the vast majority of them are Americans – who almost certainly smoke a lot of dope. Two is that they are bonkers. Over to you! LINK

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UK Broadband: Promises, Promises.

Just six areas in the UK will soon be trying out broadband technology that provides data at speeds approaching that found in the rest of the world. The first to benefit from this are businesses, schools and hospitals as they … Continue reading

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Rather Than Sort Out Our Roads The Plan Is To Have 3 Lorry Convoys!

So the lead lorry will have a real driver while the other two will have people who just steer the things. In time they are looking to remove the 2 steering and leave it all with the front driver. Haulage … Continue reading

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Examiners Ignore ICT Teachers And Are Then Surprised At The Drop In Take-Up Rate

Whatever subject it is it all goes back to, “What Are Schools For?” Those responsible for exams in ICT are starting to realise that it might have been an idea to talk to classroom teachers of the subject. Entries have … Continue reading

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How Quickly Is The So-Called Golfer, Donny Dump, Losing The Plot?

To show just how ‘big & tough’ he is, Donny Dump ordered the dropping of the MOAB bomb in eastern Afghanistan. In the typically understated USA fashion, this bomb is referred to as “the mother of all bombs”. It weighs … Continue reading

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Now Have Your Ordnance Survey Map In 3D As They Go Digital

Ordnance Survey have now produced a new digital tool that allows you to plan a route in 2D and see how it looks in stunning 3D. This could really make an amazing difference for those going walking and cycling. It … Continue reading

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