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Princess Charlotte: The Latest Picture

Looks more and more like her father every time we get to see her.

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Football Round-Up: Results And Table For The Premier League

Still all to play for with the old Christmas Programme is not far away now.

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Trouble In The Corbyn Camp – Well, According To The Press

Now here’s a funny thing. Our glorious leader, El Presidente Dodgy-Dave, has what’s known as a ‘Working Majority’ in the Commons. He has 330 unthinking, uncaring, selfish automatons who sit on his side of the House. There are, if they … Continue reading

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Pakistan needed just four off of the last ball of a 240 ball match. A boundary would have won the game while running three would have taken us into some bizarre ‘hit-off’ decider! Luckily for England the batsman missed the … Continue reading

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The first match of the series was played today and England found some new names to make a huge impact on the game.

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Not Every Film Is A Blockbuster

Here are the Top Five Films that bombed, big time, in 2015. Movie Worldwide box office gross Estimated production budget % return on budget Starring 1. Rock the Kasbah £1.9m £9.95m 19.13% Bill Murray 2. The Gunman £7.10m £26.5m 26.75% … Continue reading

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Well, Well, Well. Coe Looks An Even Dodgier Git Than He Did Two Weeks Ago!

Two weeks ago we reported how incompetent he has been as the ‘Deputy President of the IAAF’. He was eight years in the post but didn’t see a thing – there are a few football managers who claim that old … Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner – Whatever That Means

A study of the DNA of Londoners who died some 5,000 years ago will not please some political parties of the current day. It would appear that, even back then, there was a fair old ethnic mix. There are some … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Down On The Beach In November

This gallery contains 28 photos.

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The Weekend Results And The Current Premier League Table

The Results with a couple of upsets: The Current Table:

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