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One Final Step For An Amazing Man: Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

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Spotted In The Lobby Of The Ecuadorian Embassy

No! Couldn’t be, could it?

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Exclusive Interview With Michael Gove MP Secretary of State for Education

“Well I’ve looked into this and I think I can see where students, teachers, Heads and parents are going wrong. For some very strange reason they seem to be living with a fallacy. What they don’t understand is that it … Continue reading

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The Libor Scandle Countdown Continues

It’s STILL a fine of £290M and STILL not one of them has been charged.

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Apple Victory – A Disaster For Consumers

Shock, horror – mobile phones look the same! Odd that when you consider that every ones hand is pretty much the same design. Ever noticed how knives and forks look the same just about everywhere – we hold those in … Continue reading

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The Cure Live: Totally Amazing At Reading

In Between Days – one of the greatest songs ever written. Thank-you Robert Smith!

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Let’s Hope Smug Git Gollum Gove Doesn’t Have To Eat His Words

Students, Parents, Teachers and Heads are all lining up to give Gollum a damn good kicking. Let’s hope a Sports Channel get to broadcast it live! Good grief, he is SUCH a contemptible individual.

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Poor Prince Harry

Just Leave The Poor Dumb Animal Alone And You Can Lay Off The Puppy While You’re At It!! (Comedy genius. ff)

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Voters Do A Michael ‘Gollum’ Gove

Voters have decided, for no good electorial reason, to set the Passmark to become an MP at a very fair 45%. Let us see what effect that might have – Gollum Gove at the last election – 31,326 votes Number on … Continue reading

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Prince Harry: We Dare To Print What The Nation Wants!

At considerable expense to our publication we have been able to acquire the photos that this country has been denied – until now. We have gone to extreme lengths to obtain and then authenticate these pictures and we assure you … Continue reading

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