Nicky Morgan Frightened About Getting A Hiding Over LeatherGate Ducks HIGNFY

Nicky Morgan was due to appear on HIGNFY tonight but in the light of recent events she has decided to give it a miss.

She came over all high and mighty when she criticised her former leader, who happened to have sacked her, for daring to wear a pair of leather trousers which, to make matters worse, cost a very austerity-avoiding £995! She said at the time: “I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anything apart from my wedding dress.”

Unfortunately for Morgan it was then leaked that she had a leather handbag from Mulberry that cost £950! Oh bugger! That’s a tad awkward.

Seems that although she was booked to appear she clearly feared having the piss well and truly ripped out of her and didn’t like the idea of tweets of “hypocrite” trending on Friday night. Don’t you just love them all! She has been replaced on the show tonight in a good old HIGNFY tradition by an empty leather handbag.


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