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Margaret Hodge, Stemco & 0.01% Tax – Yet Again

Given she is one of the most litigious members of parliament all we will do is direct you to the story in The Telegraph. They can afford to pay for far more expensive lawyers than we can, that’s for sure. Some key … Continue reading

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Tax Evasion or Tax Avoidance?

Do you know what? For the huge number who are on PAYE there is no difference whatsoever. They can dance about on the head of a pin claiming they are two different things but for the vast majority of people in … Continue reading

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Starbucks: “Don’t Believe The Hype!”

Time to ‘Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’. Well we can all be very grateful to the PR team at Starbucks, They must have been working overtime the last couple of weeks. They have been trying to workout how to … Continue reading

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Star Buck The Trend Of Paying Any Tax & Get Away With It

At least this appears to be the case. It seems that Starbucks generated £398m in UK sales last year but paid no corporation tax. Starbucks have made over £3bn in UK sales since 1998 but have paid less than 1% in … Continue reading

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