May & Orgreave: What A Blatant Cover-Up

Words fail us here at TheField. We have no trust whatsoever in the government of the day but today has surpassed everything.

Amber Rude came out shouting the odds in her usual charming manner – what a truly nasty individual she is – but she is only a loud mouthpiece for  El Presidente May!

All of them are ‘in it’ up to their necks so they decided it’s not worth the bother of an Inquiry. Although, to be fair, the Inquiry into Child Abuse is such a bolloxed-up job you can see why she wouldn’t want Orgreave running on for year after year.

May was only handed the job of PM by 199 tory-tossers and has no intention of even considering a General Election to endorse her new manifesto. She certainly doesn’t think she needs to undergo any scrutiny of anything she does.


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