El Presidente May Looks To Cover-Up Yet Another Inquiry

Having decided that they had no intention of revealing how complicit Thatcher and the rest of her cabinet militia were in Orgreave, May now looks to do the same over Leveson.

Uncle Rupert looks to be all over this attempt at a second cover-up in two days.
Our glorious leader has rallied her troops to come up with the idea that there needs to be a consultation before the second part of the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking can go ahead.

It is going to the cabinet troops to consider whether continuing with the inquiry would be “in the public interest”. This is all bollox of course, what they mean is we don’t really think it will be in the interest of the Tory party and it’s media bosses – like Uncle Rupert.

It’s easy to see why El Presidente wouldn’t want this phase to go ahead as it will be looking at the extent of unlawful conduct in media groups and how the police investigated the allegations. Very touchy subjects for her!

What is amazing is the level of bullshit coming out of the likes of Ms Karen Bradley who, given the millions the government currently waste looking after themselves, is suddenly worried about “the cost to the taxpayer”! You couldn’t make it up!!

Once again it’s pretty obvious that May is far more interested in her supporters and those she answers to than any of the victims of phone hacking. What a surprise!

Things do tend to come in threes so what will be covered up on Wednesday???


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