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Will The Whole Truth About Orgreave Ever Be Allowed To Be Told?

For those not old enough to remember this is made to seem like so very long ago. That is deliberate like so many things concerned with the breaking up of the miners’ strike in 1984-85 and to The Battle of … Continue reading

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May & Orgreave: What A Blatant Cover-Up

Words fail us here at TheField. We have no trust whatsoever in the government of the day but today has surpassed everything. Amber Rude came out shouting the odds in her usual charming manner – what a truly nasty individual … Continue reading

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Battle Of Orgreave: Just How Much Did The Government Encourage Violence?

In 1984 Thatcher was hell bent on destroying every Union in the country. Her only interest was for bosses to impose any pay and conditions they saw fit. The Union members were viewed by her as little more than children … Continue reading

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The Final Ultimate Act Of Hypocrisy

So the Wicked Witch of Privatisation actually leaves it to the State and its Tax-Payers to cough-up the cash to bury her. Too tight to pay into some sort of a 50+ Plan she leaves the cost of it all* … Continue reading

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The Battle Of Orgreave, 1984: Maybe The Truth Will Out Here

Maybe, just maybe, the truth that many of us have suspected for a very long time might just see the light of day. Ninety-five striking miners were arrested by South Yorkshire Police in what appeared to be an attempt to … Continue reading

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