A Dead Cat Appears Right On Cue

The problem at number 10 this week has been, “How can we distract the plebs from worrying about the cover-up of what happened at Orgreave and just how much Thatcher was responsible for the behaviour of the police officers there?”

To make matters worse old Michael ‘Swinging His Tool Above His Head’ Heseltine then comes out suggesting that he pulled the chain on a dog that he claimed had bitten him and killed it. This was quickly revised to a tale that they had it put down soon after. Both failed to impress but they gave the team of stormtroopers at number 10 an idea.

Someone had got wind of some story revolving around the plebs and their ‘soccer’. Apparently, so no. 10 were lead to believe, England are playing Scotland on Armistice Day. FIFA had told the teams they were not allowed to wear a poppy even though BOTH teams wanted to.

Now the correct response would have been to have said nothing, totally ignore the knobbers at FIFA and just wear the poppies. Nothing to be gained by our glorious leader from that though.

There we go at PMQs and the dead-cat gets hurled onto the floor as we can now talk about how wonderful she is to be defending our right to wear a poppy. Truly, a dead-cat from heaven!


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