What Can We Do About ‘Representatives’ Who Don’t Represent Us?

The Sutton Trust is a charity involved with education and has highlighted an increasing problem with those who claim to represent us. You see the thing is, they don’t in one extremely important aspect of life.

Amongst the general public, let’s call ourselves plebs, only 7% are privately educated. This means considerably more money per head is spent on their education. For instance a year at Eton (Cameron) will cost you £33k while a year at Surbiton High (Morgan) will cost you £15k.

In the current Parliament 33% of them were privately educated. Yep, so that’s 7% : 33%! Of this group some 55% went to the leading Russell Group of universities with 19% going to Oxbridge.

This doesn’t just apply to one party though. Of the Tory MPs some 52% went private and for Labour that is 10%. Labour are looking to remedy this though with their batch of hopefuls for this May. They are hoping to push it to 19% from private schools!

FibDems, forever on the fence, currently have 41% who went to a private school but after May 7th we can pretty much forget about them!

So if you have a hall full of 650 people who have all had much the same experience of life what are the chances any of them will be able to empathise with the country outside of Westminster? The fact the system suits them pretty much guarantees nothing will change. 

UPDATE: A nice graphic has been produced that sums it all up a treat!

private education MPs

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